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Why Upgrade to iPhone 8 Plus & How to Set It Up w/ Quick Start Tutorial

by TerriAnn
Why Upgrade to iPhone 8 Plus, Photo Quality, Easy iPhone Setup with Quick Start Video

You know, when announcements about the Phone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X came out, I was kind of on the fence about upgrading. Though some people NEED to have the latest and greatest device as soon as it’s released, I prefer to let the hype die down and wait for product reviews to roll in. I was pretty happy with the iPhone 7 Plus I already had but, when Verizon sent me an iPhone 8 Plus to try out, I was anxious to see how the two phones compared.

iPhone 8 Plus Comparison, Review, and Quick Start Setup

Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve completely moved everything over, including my SIM card to my iPhone 8 Plus. The processor is slightly faster, the battery seems to last longer, the True Tone screen is easier on my eyes, and the camera quality continues to improve. The phone dimensions are a smidgen different but they’re so minor that most phone cases will fit both phones. Transferring my information and settings was crazy easy so that made the transition that much smoother. I included a video of that below. Though it features the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus, this same method works with other iPhone models too.

Camera, Photo Quality, and Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8 Plus

The camera on the iPhone 8 Plus is pretty standard but has many features and is very responsive. I’m especially happy with the fact that Portrait mode on the camera (uses the dual lenses on the back to create depth of field with blurred backgrounds aka bokeh) works much better. I LOVE taking photos in this mode but it was kind of finicky to use on the iPhone 7 Plus and only worked sometimes.

iPhone 8 Plus Portrait mode - Orange Tulips

The Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8 Plus has new lighting options too. I’m still playing with these and haven’t quite gotten the hang of how best to utilize each setting. The difference is minimal between the natural, stage, and contour lighting. The stage light, though, is pretty crazy! Oh, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been strangely fascinated with flowers lately…

Even without the Portrait Mode, the regular and the telephoto lenses made great shots. Full, natural lighting will always give the best results but I was able to get some nice photos at dusk and in low light. The front-facing camera for selfies seems a bit clearer but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. Video quality seems about the same. The following photos are all unedited except for being resized for the web so you can see the raw quality.

TIP: For that last photo of Frans and I at the Warriors game, we used a little trick. We asked a few people near us to point their camera flashlights at us while taking the picture instead of using a flash only. That allowed for a clearer, better-lit capture of the people in the foreground (us) without overexposing the brighter background. HDR does something similar but often adds a metallic-type effect on skin tones.

The best part about upgrading to the iPhone 8 Plus on the Verizon network is that I can share my photos or video from wherever I am. I use the stable data connection for hands-free navigation using Apple CarPlay while driving, to search for gluten-free restaurants while traveling, to keep me busy while waiting to pick Munchkin up from school, and to make sure my shopping apps are loaded with current deals and coupons before checking out at the grocery store.

There’s also a cool service from Verizon if you ever misplace your phone. One of Munchkin’s friends lost her phone somewhere in San Francisco and figured it was gone forever. But, thanks to a kind stranger who found it and brought it to a local Verizon store, she got it back!

Upgrading to the iPhone 8 Plus

Now, if you already have an iPhone 7 Plus, the features are mostly the same so upgrading might be optional. BUT, if you have the regular iPhone 7 or any older models, I would seriously think about upgrading to an iPhone 8 Plus. The size can take some getting used to but that dual camera and faster processor make any adjustment worth it. The larger screen is also nice for watching videos or for those of us that are having a little harder time adjusting to seeing close up. Overall, the iPhone 8 Plus is a solid flagship phone and is a worthy upgrade from older models.

I am being compensated for participating in the OM Media Group 2018 Influencer Program for Verizon Wireless for the #BetterMatters campaign. All opinions are my own.

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