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VTech Kid Connect [InnoTab 3S] #InnoTab3S

by TerriAnn
VTech Kid Connect App for InnoTab 3S #innotab3s


VTech has been producing age-appropriate technology for tech-savvy families for years. It’s no surprise, then, that the same company is now introducing a very special app to keep even the youngest members of the family connected. The new Kid Connect app can be used by both boys and girls, ages 3-9, and works on the InnoTab 3S learning tablet.

Features of VTech Kid Connect App on InnoTab3S

The Kid Connect app does just what its name implies, it helps you and your child stay connected throughout the day.

VTech Kid Connect App for InnoTab 3S #innotab3s

From their InnoTab3S, they can send messages directly to your iPhone or Android phone (through a free app you download and install) and you can send some right back. Messages can also be exchanged between InnoTab3S devices, no matter where in the world they may be located.

Only the parent(s) can approve who the child communicates with via the Kid Connect app though. This provides a safe and fun environment for your kids to keep in touch with their loved ones.

VTech Kid Connect App for InnoTab 3S #innotab3s

Packaging and Pricing

The VTech InnoTab3S comes with a kid-safe web browser, a rechargeable battery, 20 free apps, and a full year of Basic Kid Connect for $79.99. Basic Kid Connect allows for texts and stickers to be exchanged.

To send voice messages, photos, and drawings you’ll have to upgrade to a Premium subscription for $14.99. Also, additional games, ebooks, videos, music, etc. from the Learning Lodge download manager. It’s like a kid-friendly app library with most items being around $2.99 each.

VTech Kid Connect App for InnoTab 3S #innotab3s

Practical Usage

One time, when one of my sister was visiting from out of state, my daughter accompanied her for almost a week as she visited other family. From day to day, it was hard to keep up with where she was and who she was with. Plus, since I was used to always having her with me. The Kid Connect app would have really come in handy then. I could contact her any time I missed her or started to get worried and she could send me voice messages and photos of what she was up to in real time.

I think it’s fantastic that kids are learning to use technology from such a young age. However, with so many online dangers, a kid-friendly app on a kid-friendly device just makes sense. If you’re looking to get a tablet for a 3- to 9-year-old, the VTech InnoTab3S, together with the Kid Connect app, might be the ideal choice!

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