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Water Balls

by TerriAnn

So we went to the San Mateo County Fair on Wednesday and bought my daughter this strange thing called a water ball. You throw it on any smooth, hard surface and it practically liquifies before it reforms back into its original state. They are creepy and weird but kind of cool at the same time.

Later that evening, we were all trying to throw it as hard as we can. Then my husband said, “Look, I can throw it REAL hard!” So he slammed it on the ground . . . and it burst open, water sprayed all over the floor and the rubber pig ball laid there with huge hole in it. Apparently you are supposed to throw it but not slam it since there is water inside of it. My daughter’s smile slowly disappeared as she said, “It’s okay, Papa.”

He felt horrible so we drove back to the county fair that same evening and got her a few new ones. She even made a home for them like they are one of the animals on exhibit at the fair.

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Stefani June 22, 2010 - 10:36 am

Those look really cool. I have never seen those before. Hopefully they will have them at the California State Fair this year because my son will get a kick out of those. We have tile floors and I have to get him one.

tamvg June 22, 2010 - 11:01 am

They are a crack-up! I’ve never been to the state fair. Is it big?

Suzy August 29, 2010 - 9:28 pm

Wow, those are weird! lol! But strangely entertaining! Haha. I think they look fun for kids! Wouldn’t want to break it though. =[ That might make a kid sad after they’ve been throwing it around a lot and having fun. I think these are really neat! Awesome. Awww it’s so sweet that you got new ones. I like the pink piggy! I love their little houses. lol.

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