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WordGirl’s Ludicrously Literate Library Week, 7/11-7/15

by TerriAnn

“WordGirl’s Ludicrously Literate Library Week” begins this coming Monday! Starting 7/11, you will be treated to five exciting WordGirl episodes that focus on reading and books. My daughter already knows most WordGirl episodes by heart so it was nice for her to see some new ones. Also, with the summer brain meltdown in progress, previewing this week’s lineup gave her vocabulary skills a much-needed boost.

The following episodes will be shown on PBS Kids Go!

Monday, 7/11: “PRINCESS TRIANA AND THE OGRE OF CASTLEBUM” (plus one other WordGirl adventure)

WordGirl battles with Tobey, who is determined to steal a copy of the newest sequel to everyone’s favorite book series so he can read it first.

Vocabulary Words: Reveal, Devotion

Tuesday, 7/12: “THE STEW, THE PROUD…” (plus one other WordGirl adventure)

Time is running out for Becky to return her library books and maintain her perfect record when Raul Demiglasse and the Butcher go head-to-head in a culinary showdown.

Vocabulary Words: Overdue, Superior

Wednesday, 7/13: “BOOK ENDS” (plus one other WordGirl adventure)

When WordGirl accuses Tobey of being too predictable with his crimes, he responds by using his robots to hold the City’s library hostage until she partakes in a winner-takes-all dodge ball game.

Vocabulary Words: Destroy, Predictable

Thursday, 7/14: “GRANNY’S BOOK CLUB” (plus one other WordGirl adventure)

The Association of Villains threatens to retire Granny May unless she’s able to capture WordGirl. She lures WordGirl into a trap by starting a book club. Can WordGirl read between the lines and escape Granny May’s clutches?

Vocabulary Words: Feisty, Retire

Friday, 7/15: “THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT” (plus one other WordGirl adventure)

The Energy Monster’s latest prison break interrupts the Botsford’s family television time. While Tim, Sally, and TJ brainstorm new forms of entertainment, WordGirl hunts down the Energy Monster and returns him to his prison cell.

Vocabulary Words: Entertainment, Persistent

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