Launched May 7, 2010, Cookies & Clogs has become a valuable resource for parents, both far and near. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, our family loves sharing about our favorite places, activities, and more. With a hearty ‘hello’ we welcome you to our site and hope you’ll stick around so we can get to know you!

The Story Behind The Name

TerriAnn is Chinese and Frans is Dutch. So, to encompass their family’s uniqueness, they decided to use ‘Cookies & Clogs’ as a brand name. Let’s just say that it flowed much better than ‘Chopsticks & Tulips’.

The Family

TerriAnn is the primary author of Cookies & Clogs. She shares her take on raising a 12-year-old daughter, homeschooling, being a first-time dog owner, and family travel experiences. You will also find first-hand reviews, special content for those living in and/or visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, and pretty much everything else common to parenthood.

Frans is the other half of Cookies & Clogs. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he has a broad and unique take on living in the U.S. and raising a family here. We’ve been married 13 years and we’re still best friends. He acts as my co-photographer, driver, travel buddy, and takes care of the backend / IT stuff for the blog.

Munchkin is our one offspring. Entering her teen years, our daughter is riding the line between childhood and growing up. She doesn’t mind being the feature of most of my posts and has recently decided that she wants to start her own blog. She’s pretty good at it too! For privacy sake, we try not to show her full face or share her name online – thank you for understanding . . .

Speckles has become very much our second daughter, just a bit fuzzier. Born from a stray dog in the shelter, she was the one pup out of eight that we really connected with. According to the foster family and rescue group, she is a Labrador-mix with Shepherd and Cattle Dog. All we know is that we love her and she’s such a character! We almost lost her to an injury but she’s healed and super happy now.