– Online Video Tutorial Library, Part 2 learn video online tutorial libraryLast month I introduced you to and its massive collection of video tutorials (see part 1). What I didn’t realize at the time was just how much content has and the level of instruction provided.

As I watched various videos in each main category, one thing remained the same in all of them – the quality. The videos look professionally shot, instructors are experts in their fields, and all the tips were really, really useful! Each course is divided into separate topics so you can watch just one or two and then return for more at a later time. Individual videos average about 2-5 minutes. There was one video about iPad GarageBand (an app totally uninteresting to me) that ran 14 minutes. I was prepared for the most boring, mundane tutorial ever but was completely surprised. I actually found it so informative and well-done that I just HAD to watch it all the way to the end!

While each instructor speaks clearly, some speak faster than others. I’m so glad there’s an option to turn on closed caption by pressing the little ‘cc’ in the bar below the video. I didn’t even know that until I watched the “How to Use”.

How to use | by Garrick Chow

View this entire How to use course and more in the Online Training Library®.

If you have any interest in learning or sharpening you skills with digital graphic, audio/visual, photography, software development, or music, you’ll love There’s even a section that you can get up close and personal with some top creative artists as well. I plan on using these in my daughter’s homeschooling curriculum. is accessible on the go as well. Android, iPhone, and iPad platforms are supported so you can watch videos anytime, anywhere. Not really into online streaming or want a hard copy of the course to reference? DVDs are available as well. You find out more about the pricing of plans and the benefits of taking advantage of this fantastic online library at

While I encourage you to try it out yourself, I am also giving away TWO full Annual Premium memberships. This normally costs $375 per year and includes exercise files, over 82,000 tutorials, and anytime access. Enter below!

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  1. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Adobe cs6, My daughter is in a comminications academy in a magnet school, this will help her a lot :)

  2. Food and drink photography!

  3. i want to get acquainted with some of adobe’s creative suite products :)

  4. Photoshop for Web Design

  5. I would love to take the Photoshop for Web Design!

  6. I’d love to take any of the beginner Photoshop courses!

  7. Definitely photography! :)

  8. Photoshop. What a cool giveaway!!

  9. i need to catch up on my photoshop – i am still in cs4

  10. I’m always up to learn more about web design.

  11. Photoshop for Photographers.

  12. Would love to win this. I’d like to dive into learning PHP and wordpress development.

  13. Nicole Sender says:

    I’d like to try the photography tutorials like: Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals.

  14. As geeky as it sounds, I’d take the intro to Excel courses. I need help with this big time!

  15. gotta be Photoshop!!

  16. Derk Thomas says:

    PHP courses

  17. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Food and Drink photography

  18. Kellie Conklin says:

    The Photoshop LIghtroom 4 Essentials courses all look great to me! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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