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2014 Scion xB – A Completely New Experience in a Unique Design

by TerriAnn
2014 Scion xB Family Car Review #Cars


Amongst a sea of vehicles, one that certainly stands out as different is the Scion xB. This unique compact is easily recognized by its box-like body and nose. I was ready for the 2014 Scion xB to ‘wow’ me.

2014 Scion xB Base Model

We were loaned the most basic model available with the exception of having an automatic transmission. It’s kind of funny but we’re not accustomed to not having certain features anymore. I put the car into reverse and immediately said to myself, “Where’s the backup camera?!” Nope, this one had the bare minimum but strangely had a Pioneer speaker system and bluetooth capabilities, an interesting combination.

2014 Scion xB Family Car Review #Cars

The fabric was plain and the zippers were fully exposed on the front seats. Most of the surfaces and components both inside and out were hollow plastic, the kind that’s easy to scratch. The rotating vents were pretty cool though. This model starts around $18,000.

The xB was just very confusing to me. It was a fairly large car but there didn’t seem to be any room inside. Leg room in the back seat was minimal and was lessened even more by the protruding ‘step’ under the seats. The trunk was miniature, probably only big enough for a few tote bags but nothing oversized or oddly shaped.

2014 Scion xB Family Car Review #Cars

There was also the issue of the interior mirrors. Why are they so, so far away? Unless I moved to the edge of the seat, I couldn’t see a thing in the mirror when I took my glasses off. No passenger-seat freshening up for me. My daughter, who is almost the same size as me, was kind enough to demonstrate the awkwardness.

2014 Scion xB Family Car Review #Cars

An Unfortunate Reality

Overall, I was not impressed with the xB. The ride was average and the car itself just seems void of functionality. I’m surprised that the starting price is as high as it is. Being a sub-company of Toyota, I was hoping for more. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I’m not sure if this is due to the model or common of the brand. Either way, the 2014 Scion xB was extremely underwhelming.

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