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Moto X Will Make Even iOS Users Believers #MotoX

by TerriAnn
Motorola Moto X Smartphone / Phone powered by Google. See post for full review. #MotoX


Last year, I received a Moto X to try. It was great and I was almost ready to give up my iPhone. Why do I say almost? The Moto X has a ton of great features and many of them fully integrate the Google products I’m already using (Gmail, Google Maps, Google+). However, the camera was lacking. Photos came out dull and with a bluish hue. Recently, though, Motorola came out with a fix and it was time to give the ‘ol Moto X another try.

The Flagship Moto X

The Moto X is just so easy to use.

  • Camera – Twist your wrist twice for the camera app to open and touch anywhere on the screen to release the shutter.
  • Touchless Control – Touchless voice control that is set to recognize only your voice.
  • Active Display – Notifications fade in and out without distraction and give you an immediate peek at the contents
  • Google Assist – Automatically detects when you’re driving, in a meeting, or a sleeping (based on times you set) and adjusts to silent or hands-free.
  • Ergonomic – Perfect size and curved shape to hold and use comfortably with one hand.

One thing that really stands out about the Moto X is how uncluttered it is. The homescreen only comes with six icons and there aren’t a gazillion ‘fluff’ apps you have to either live with or uninstall. That also means it’s super easy to dive in and start customizing the phone just the way you want. From there, the possibilities are endless.

Motorola Moto X Smartphone / Phone powered by Google. See post for full review. #MotoX

Moto X For Almost Everyone

Specs are decent but won’t blow your socks off. You see, this phone is meant for the majority of phone users, not necessarily for the uber tech geeks. It’s meant to be useful in every way, not to impress with jaw-dropping gigabyte capacities and megapixels. That does not mean the Moto X is lacking. This little phone has plenty of power and features that make it unique.

Battery lasts a whole day, even with a lot of Candy Crush usage, or more. Apps respond quickly and the processor has no lag even if several programs are open. Screen resolution is clear and vivid, even in direct sunlight.

One major drawback is that the camera settings cannot be adjusted more, i.e. white balance, light settings, etc. However, Google now updates the firmware via apps and this includes camera features. It’s also a pain to take screenshots with the button placement. Those that that keep a large amount of photos, videos, and music on their phones will want to opt for the 32 GB as there is no opening to use a Micro SD card.

I also love, love, love the Moto Maker with all its personalization features. I chose the colors, welcome message, and had it already connected to my Google account. Even those that think they won’t care about these options end up really liking them. Phones are assembled in Texas and your finished phone arrived in less than a week. I’ll share our customized phones in a follow-up post 🙂

Tech VS Size VS Functionality VS Looks

As a partial tech geek, there are some features I miss from other phones I’ve been using. However, the size and shape is much easier to work and a worthy trade-off. For those new to Android devices or smartphones in general, the Moto X makes switching over a whole lot easier. It looks good, performs even better, and just a great all around phone.

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Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy.com January 14, 2014 - 8:27 am

I love the voice control feature, how neat.

Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie} January 14, 2014 - 6:56 pm

It looks pretty durable. A lot of phones these days look like they would break if you sneezed on them.

Jenn January 15, 2014 - 11:25 am

I had not heard of this phone before. Love the size!

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