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2014 Toyota Sienna – More Than Meets The Eye

by TerriAnn
2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review


For the record, no one actually drives a mini-van unless they have to. But if the size and seating is what best suits your needs, I’d be happy to recommend the 2014 Toyota Sienna to you. The standard, plain exterior is quite deceiving. On the outside, the Sienna looks like any other car of its class. Inside in another story though.

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review

2014 Toyota Sienna

With top of the line upgrades, kids will be fighting to ride with you. Leather seats, faux wood grain, 3-way climate control, back-up camera, auto dimming lights, DVD player, wireless headsets, automatic lift gate, cup holders galore, space for everything everywhere, the features go on and on. The V6 engine lets you pass up any whipper-snapper that won’t let you in. That’s quite an exhilarating feeling . . . Keep in mind that the Sienna is a bit wider so don’t attempt to fit in any compact spaces. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with some dings in the doors (people seem to like opening their doors into mini-vans).

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review

For the Whole Family

We were surprised at the easy handling. Oh, and this baby has a crazy turning range. U-turns are easy peasy and parking is a breeze. Just watch out that for those electric doors, our dog almost lost her nose a few times. Speaking of our dog, Speckles absolutely loved being in the Sienna. The back area is oddly shaped so we would let her ride in the main section between the second row bucket seats. She settled right in and actually stayed sitting / laying, something she generally refuses to do. Plus, Munchkin found it quite cozy having her sister next to her.

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review featuring our dog, Speckles

Many parents have expressed the desire for separated seats in the middle. The Toyota Sienna fits that order just right with the 7-person seating. The two seats in the second row move slide forward and back and even recline. This is function doesn’t really work out 100% as the person sitting there would have to have really, really short legs to enjoy it, even with the seat moved all the way back. By the way, an 8-seat option is available if that better fits your family’s needs.

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review

As for the third row, it’s extremely simple to drop them down and pop them up. Want a demonstration?
*Dual-camera video taken with an LG G2 smartphone, sent to me as a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassador.


If you need both seating and cargo space, the 2014 Toyota Sienna will serve you well. When the third row is up, the storage behind is deep and spacious for vertically stacked items. With a wider body, everyone will have room to spare and riding in this will make doing chores seem less of a, well, chore.

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan Family Review

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