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23 Books on a Typical Trip to the Library

by TerriAnn

Typical? Yes, typical. When we go to the library, we always need to bring a tote bag or two to haul my daughter’s selections. We incur many looks with both my and my daughter’s arms stacked full with books.

Homeschooling allows much free time for my daughter as her schoolwork can be completed within 2-3 hours a day. We need to closely regulate the time she spends on the computer, playing video game, and watching television. That means about an hour a day or on the weekends. What about the rest of the time?

There’s only so much I can take of playing Polly Pockets with her, making up stories, bringing her to extra classes, playing board games, or going to museums/zoos. We have forced her to learn to entertain herself and she does very well being both creative and imaginative. But the haunting “I’m bored!” does come up quite frequently.

Fortunately my daughter loves reading. That can be both a blessing and a curse. My daughter can read for hours and devours full 200-page books with a small font within an hour or so. So either we go to the library daily or get a whole stack at once. I’d rather op for the latter as I personally HATE going to the library!

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william sawyers January 11, 2011 - 9:00 pm

Wow that’s a lot of books, from a children author of Concord, Ca.


Cookies & Clogs January 11, 2011 - 10:14 pm

Yes it is 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Always a pleasure to have another local here!

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