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Ah, The Joys of Having A Dog

by TerriAnn

We absolutely love having Speckles. She is a real joy and is extremely sweet. Having a dog, though, does add the burden of extra cleaning.

I have to sweep daily just to get the little fur balls that collect in the house. Every other day I need to vacuum to get the other remnants that are hiding on my carpet. How I regret that we did not invest in a better vacuum cleaner. Even after going over an area a few times I never really feel that it picked up everything since the color seems to hide it a bit. That’s not all though.

Last week, Speckles was sitting next to my bed as I was lying down. All of a sudden I heard her start to gag. She had only done this once before but I knew it meant something was on its way out. Fortunately, there was a rag nearby and I was able to get under her before she threw up her breakfast. Unfortunately, some of it fell off the rag onto the carpet. So I jumped out of bed, threw the nasties away, and headed to the closet to fetch the carpet cleaning spray. After such an abrupt awakening, I laid back down to rest after I had cleaned up the soiled area. Speckles again came to sit near me and I scratched her back. As I laid there I began to smell something like fish, rotten fish. I looked over at the furry suspect but didn’t notice any droppings. She SEEMED innocent.

A while later I finally forced myself out of bed. I still smelled that lingering odor and wondered what it was. As I got to the hallway I noticed a light brown spot. I reached down and, yes I had to test it the dumbest way possible, I stuck my finger in it and smelled it. Eiuw – that was just wrong! I ran back to my bedroom where Speckles sat and saw a smeared trail about 3 inches long. I checked Speckles’, ahem, backside and saw a bit of glistening liquid. Yes, somehow she leaked a little and when I was scratching her back, she ever so innocently dragged it across the carpet. Out came the carpet cleaner again. After I doused the area with cleaner, I opened the windows and shut the bedroom door so the area could dry. That was all a quick fix. I know I’ll have to have the carpet deep-cleaning sometime soon.

When we first picked up Speckles from the family that was fostering her, they showed us the steam cleaner they used that was made specifically for pets. In denial, I thought there would not come a time in which we would need it. Oh how wrong I was! If you see a great deal on carpet cleaning please send it my way.

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Jeri July 29, 2011 - 9:29 am

What a SWEET face she has! Yes, we use our steam cleaner a LOT and dust and vacuum at least twice a week around here (I do a quick wipe down and vacuum before the weekend and the housekeeper comes in on Monday and does a top to bottom cleaning to keep the dust and dog hair under control). Even with all of that we’re about to have our carpets professionally cleaned. My friend, Audrey, got her carpets cleaned at a great price from a guy in Redwood City I think. I’ve been meaning to ping her and get his info. Shall I pass it on if he works in San Mateo as well?

Cookies & Clogs July 29, 2011 - 11:45 am

That would be fab! Haha – you knew I was talking about you 🙂

Dee @ Cocktails with Mom July 29, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Cute pic. Speckles and Spinna should definitely meet haha. I totally understand the extra clean up but I guess it comes with having a pet.

Cookies & Clogs July 29, 2011 - 2:57 pm

So true. How has Spinna been doing by the way?

Lois S August 3, 2011 - 8:00 pm

But they are worth the extra work.

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