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Talking Gina [iOS]

by TerriAnn

Talking Gina is an enjoyable and sweet iPhone app. It’s not an original idea but the execution is done so well. The basic function of Talking Gina is to repeat what you say in a different voice. It cracks me up that the manner in which Gina talks is just the same as my daughter.

Gina is more than just a repetitive giraffe. You can actually interact with her and participate in a mini-game. You can perform various tasks such as feeding her, giving her something to drink, and petting her to raise her happiness meter. She will let you know if she in the mood for something. Special items like lemonade and strawberries are give each day you open the app. You can purchase more but, why would you pay real money to feed the digital animal?When you reach 100% you can unlock a little photo of her with her baby. The next time you will see a pictures with two babies, then three, etc. My daughter thinks these are so cute and has recently gotten a photo with ten babies.

Below you find two recorded examples. The first is one I made just for you (left) and the other (right) is one of the messages my daughter texted/mms’d me the other day:

I earlier mentioned a mini-game. You get to play Pat-a-Cake with her! That may sound way to easy but, boy, it gets really hard after a while. You need to tap at just the right areas in perfect timing. If you make one mistake, you need to restart. Still, each pattern has three levels so one can choose their preferred difficulty. Children will have a ball playing with Gina, as will you.

If you want a high-action, involving game that can keep you addicted for hours at a time – this is not it. If you want a nice, light distraction to make you smile for a few minutes here and there throughout the day – Talking Gina is your girl, I mean app!

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