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Perfect Sleep Year Round – DownLinens Has You Covered #downlinens

by TerriAnn
Munchkin baby sleeping in funny position - for DownLinens Down Comforter post

DownLinens All Season Down Comforter Review for Comfortable Sleep . . .


Now that my daughter is almost in her teens, it’s so interesting to see how much she has changed and how, in so many ways, she hasn’t. She still has the same smile, can raise one eyebrow at a time, and laughs the same. Even her sleeping habits haven’t changed much. She’s never been one of those that plays until she collapses but, after in bed, she does sleep hard. Sometimes we would find her like this:

Munchkin baby sleeping in funny position - for DownLinens Down Comforter post

Or like this:

Munchkin baby sleeping in funny position - for DownLinens Down Comforter post

Fortunately, she grew out of the latter positions. She still moves around A LOT but now, when her sheets and comforter get all jumbled up, she’s the one that has to fix it. Ah, the perks of kids getting older and being able to do more themselves!

Speaking of comforters, I just received an All Season Down Comforter from DownLinens. We were already using an all-season comforter so a direct comparison of quality was easy. The comforter arrived in a very compact manner.

DownLinens All Season Down Comforter review

With a queen-size down comforter squished in an encasement only 5 inches thick, I was wondering how in the world this thing would keep my husband and me warm at night. I assumed that it would ‘puff’ up as the pillows did but the comforter remained fairly flat. This made me even more skeptical.

DownLinens All Season Down Comforter review - size

As we slipped the comforter into our duvet cover, one main aspect became apparent right away. This comforter was much lighter than our other one. On the DownLinens site, it also described this product as:

  • 550 Fill Power White Down
  • Light Weight Comforter, Perfect for Any Season
  • Downproof, 100% Cotton, 233 Thread Count Cover
  • Double Stitch Box Design to Keep Down in Place
  • 100% Hypo-Allergenic Down

With the warm weather lately, having the DownLinens comforter was so much nicer for me. With it being so light, I could comfortably get under it without overheating. Throughout the night, though, the temperature stayed just right for me. This was opposite to how it was with our old comforter. When putting it on, I’d get hot immediately and often wake up sweating. This was a challenge to deal with as taking off the comforter resulted in me shivering. The ‘down’ side (pun intended) is I’m so comfortable in bed that I just want to lay under the covers all day 😛

For my husband, he didn’t really notice a difference with the new comforter. That also has to do with the fact that he pretty much falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow. I’m always so jealous that he can do that!

DownLinens’ All Season Down Comforter did not disappoint. It doesn’t add extra weight when you’re sleeping but the the down filling regulates the heat well. The down was evenly spread out and we were happy that there was no weird smell coming from it.

Will it be enough to get us through the winter? Only time will tell as the seasons change.

From September 3rd (tomorrow) to September 30th, you and I can get a discount code for 25% off any purchases from Downlinens.com. Just use code COMFORTERS4ALL at checkout to take advantage of the discount. Also, if you ‘like’ DownLinens’ Facebook page, you just might win a set of two Plush Perfect Gel Fiber Pillows ($50 value). Another set will be given away for every 100 likes. Could you use some help in getting a restful night of sleep?

Follow the brand online on their websiteFacebook page, and on Twitter at @DownLinens.

The product(s) reviewed and the content for this post was sourced from DownLinens, online resources and family traditions. All opinions are my own.

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