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TOMS Helps U.S. Kids Get One Step Ahead, Two Shoes at a Time #OneForOne

by TerriAnn
TOMS One for One, Providing Shoes to Children in the US #OneforOne

TOMS to Give 1 Million Shoes to US Children in One For One Program . . .

Have you heard of TOMS? I’ve sure you have and, mostly likely, you probably own a pair or two, or three. For each pair of shoes purchased, one is given to a child in need. This program, which was once directed to those overseas, will now include 35 states of the U.S. with in the expanded new “One For One” program.

As parents, we know that kids’ feet grow terribly fast and they’re only in a certain shoe size for a short while. At least we just have to jump online, put in a discount code which includes free shipping, and a new shoes appear at our doorstep in a few days.  However, for some children, having a pair of good-quality shoes that actually fits right is out of reach. Take, for example, the families living in Native American reservations who struggle daily with poverty.

TOMS One for One, Providing Shoes to Children in the US #OneforOne

Most of these have horribly oversized hand-me-downs or shoes that are barely being held together. Not knowing what size each child needed, TOMS even had to devise a way of figuring out their shoe size on the spot.

Getting a brand new set of TOMS has made so much of a difference for these children. Notice this sweet note one of them wrote:

TOMS One for One, Providing Shoes to Children in the US #OneforOne

So cute, right? There are three specific shoe-types that TOMS provides. These include a unisex canvas classic, sports shoe, and a winter boot. These are not sold in stores but are made specifically for the “One for One” program.

TOMS One for One, Providing Shoes to Children in the US #OneforOne

You’ll find that this is also great opportunity to help other kids get ready for going back to school.

TOMS recognizes the opportunity for the company’s support in the U.S. – many children in the U.S. do not have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and in school. This has a tremendous effect on their education and growth. Now, with the help of TOMS’ U.S. Giving Partners (non-governmental organizations), the gift of new shoes will help better equip children for school and physical activities and help increase their self-esteem.

TOMS has made a huge commitment to give one million pairs of new shoes by the end of 2014. How can you help make “One For One” a success? Buy more shoes (they have a ton of styles and colors for men, women, and children) and spread the word!

I have yet to own a pair of TOMS but I’m seriously thinking about it now. Not only have I heard about the extreme comfort but their community charity work is amazing. Plus, it’d be an honor to help contribute to the goal of giving out one million shoes to kids that really need it. Will you be supporting “One For One” and the families that benefit from it?

Disclosure: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with TOMS, the TOMS U.S. Giving program and sharing the news about their #OneForOne movement. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Rosey September 3, 2013 - 9:48 pm

That’s no small thing they’re doing. How wonderful. Happy to share!

TerriAnn van Gosliga September 18, 2013 - 9:24 pm

Thanks so much! I knew they did a lot but was moved to see how aware the company is of children in need EVERYwhere, even in this mostly affluent country.

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