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Amazon Mom, Free 2-Day Shipping And More

by TerriAnn

Amazon.com is a monster of an e-commerce store. What’s even better than their free standard shipping over $25 is their Amazon Prime program. That offers free 2-day shipping and those item get sent out right away. The only drawback is that Amazon prime is a paid service. Now Amazon Mom is available!

This program is free and was designed to lessen the load of parents and caretakers from the infant to toddler years. Though it’s is termed a ‘mom’ program, it is actually open to dads, grandparents, caretakers, etc. You receive the same free 2-day shipping but get the added benefit of up to 30% off diapers and wipes. Special offers will also be made available.

I got an email about this a few days ago but dismissed it because I don’t usually cover baby items. But today, I read this in the FAQ:

“Amazon Mom is open to anyone. If your kids are older than toddlers, you can still join the program; you just may not enjoy some of the benefits that are targeted at younger children.”

Yay! We shop at Amazon all the time and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to just have our items shipped out, then another week or two for shipping. We had Prime as a promotion for a while and it was great. With Amazon Mom we can get three months of that 2-day instant shipping. To continue to enjoy the benefits though, you need to purchase $25 worth of items from their baby store each month.

So if you have a child in your care, Amazon Mom is open to you!

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