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Arby’s Grand Turkey Club & Fall Cravings #Craveability

by TerriAnn

Fall is here and cooler temperatures are setting in (well, not in California right now). The new season brings on many changes including wardrobe, activities, and FOOD. Aah, the food – the warm, homemade, comfort food that only rolls around this time of year. My absolute favorite dish is buttered yams loaded with brown sugar and marshmallows. Mmm, I’m starting to drool just thinking about it!

Well, how about adding to those seasonal cravings?

Arby’s is “slicing up freshness” with the new Grand Turkey Club. It’s served on a toasted Harvest Wheat bun with turkey sliced fresh in-store, served hot with melted Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo.

So what level of ‘craveability’ does the Grand Turkey Club incite? I was about to find out.

Yesterday, my family and I headed out to our local Arby’s. The only problem was that it was no longer there! We pulled out our iPhones and tried to locate the nearest one with Apple maps. Nope – buggy as always. Then we tried Google maps but I had turned off my location service so that didn’t work. We were driving all around Millbrae, San Bruno, and South San Francisco. Finally, Waze brought us to the South San Francisco location. By this time we were starving!

My husband went for a Classic Roast Beef while my daughter got a kid’s meal. I wasn’t thrilled with the fried chicken tenders but at least they had an option to order sliced apples. I, of course, ordered a Grand Turkey Club.

I know it’s not good but I did my usual and got it with out the lettuce and tomato. Maybe it was because of this that my sandwich was kind of bland. It could have used some salt or pepper. I tried to add some Arby’s sauce but it didn’t taste quite right. I did find that the meat was fresh and thinly-sliced and the bun had a nice texture and flavor.

I noticed that many of the other items are *ahem* less than healthy. Having the Grand Turkey Club on the menu gives customers the choice of ordering a simple turkey sandwich that is neither fried or greasy. Would I order it again? Probably not, as I prefer the roast beef Arby’s serves.

We can’t act on all our cravings but when we do, we have to make sure it’s worth it. For the next few weeks, I’ll be watching what I eat so I can have my fill of yams guilt-free. What foods are you craving and willing to give in to?

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Arby’s blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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