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Barbecuing Basics

by TerriAnn

Sunny days are on the way. That means barbecues! We bought a grill last year on Black Friday (big sale day after Thanksgiving) and it lived all winter, unopened, in our garage. A couple weeks ago my husband decided to put it together. But what else did we need for him to become a grilling pro? Before we could have him grill our dinner there were a few things we needed to get:

– a weather-proof cover
– a propane tank, filled
– basic bbq tools are tongs, meat fork, spatula, cleaning brush/scraper, and basting brush
– an electronic meat thermometer
– “Kiss the Cook” apron (okay , you really don’t NEED this but it will make him happy)

Get some marinated meat for the grill and start barbecuing. The nice thing about getting store-bought meat when you are just starting out is that they have directions. Hope you have some nice cook-outs!

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