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Black Friday Craziness – It’s Coming…

by TerriAnn

While I describe the hustle and bustle of Black Friday as craziness, I still like it. The deals I scored from losing a bit more sleep have been amazing and pretty much stocked us for various items during the following year. From a half-price quality gas grill to $15 winter jackets to 80% off 24-ct gold earrings, Black Friday has been quite good for us.

lady staring at the computerSince we already bought the bigger items (ie television, washing machine, etc.) in years past, I don’t have too many things on my list except for a few miscellaneous things. This is the best time to get video games so I’ll probably buy a few I’ve been eyeing and then open them periodically as we finish them. For clothes, there are some great deals to be found and typically that stock-up is enough to get us through several months on into spring. I have also been coveting a basic pearl necklace so that may be on my list as I scour the ads that are leaked before hand.

Oh, I should probably look for stuff for my family too. Maybe I can keep an eye on more Squinkies for my daughter and the mens tungsten rings for my hubby. Since he usually only likes to wear his wedding band perhaps a new tungsten carbide wedding ring might catch his fancy.

Now, I’m not into the standing in line all night deal. I’ve seen far too many outburst from greedy people so I only go out if I really must. Instead, I prefer to get my deals online. Yes, I stalk those lightening Black Friday deals on Amazon for hours at a time and jot notes based on Black Friday-focused sites. I’ll also be checking other online sites such as OldNavy.com, dsw.com, MensTungstenOnline.com , and even PetSmart.com. Hey, pet supplies are pretty expensive so if I can get any kind of break on them I’m all for it!

What items are you hoping to find good deals on?

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