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Burke Williams Day Spa – Massage & Pedicure

by TerriAnn

On the fifth floor of the Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco, CA, next to the huge movie theatre, there is a discreet storefront reading “Burke Williams, beyond the spa”.

Burke-Willams Day Spa Pamper Massage Facial Pedicure San Francisco California

As you turn the corner you are greeted with monogrammed double doors, leading to the front reception desk. After checking in, you are given a key to a specified locker to use during your visit and personally escorted through the spa. After touring the lounge and ‘quiet room’, you are brought to the changing area. In the locker, a clean robe and pair of slippers are await you. The therapist will come get you when you’re ready (only a few minutes tops). I already felt pampered before the services began!

Burke-Willams Day Spa Pamper Massage Facial Pedicure San Francisco California

This is what my spa day looked like:

Appointment Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Appointment Location: Burke Williams Spa – San Francisco

Spa Itinerary:
10:00 AM Burke Williams Massage Female Therapist: Angela
11:00 AM Anti Aging Facial Female Therapist: Brenna
12:30 PM Spa Pedicure Female Therapist: Polina

No cameras were allowed in the treatment areas and phones could only be used in the designated area in the front. This meant total tranquility. So how were the treatments?

Burke Williams Massage
Before we began, we had a little chat about which areas I was concerned about and an outline of what this type of massage included. My 50 minutes only began when Angela actually started to massage me. This massage used a combination of oils, herbs, heat pads, lotions, and aromatherapy. The masseuse was extremely kind and soft-spoken. It felt so good! She was very professional in how she folded the blanket and would periodically check to make sure the pressure being used was satisfactory. My troubled areas (neck and shoulders) got extra attention which left me feeling so at ease. When I start to get regular massages, Angela will be my preferred masseuse!

Spa Pedicure
The area for manicures and pedicures was bright and clean. There were four chairs and each rotated out so it was easy to get in without awkwardly climbing in or around the foot bath. Polina was fantastic – she was quick and efficient but never once was she rough or negligent. I am glad she warned me about the initial paraffin wax dip, though – yeowie! After a massage of my feet and calves, my toes were primped and polished. New/sanitized tools are used for each client and the foot baths are carefully washed so that no residue collects on the bottom. Service, quality, and hygiene get an A+ from me!

If you purchased the special Relax or Escape package that is available until 5/15, it includes a Spa Style Facial with peel. For review purposes, I received a different facial. Feel free to read my Anti Aging Facial review to get an idea of what you might expect.

When that was done, my special day of feeling pampered was not over. After the services, I relaxed in the ‘quiet room’. Relaxing in this dimly-lit room while lounging on the reclining leather chairs and listening to the soft trickling of the fountain was so nice. I would have unwound in the hot tub/spa for a while (in the same area as the sauna and cool mist room) but I didn’t think to bring a swimsuit with me. Instead, I took a comfortable shower with all the amenities included and did my hair in the mirror-lined ‘powder room’. Each individual station was complete with a hair dryer, a flat iron or curling iron, styling products, and a stand-alone mirror to apply makeup. There were also clean brushes and combs to use.

With attentive employees and pristine facilities, Burke Williams does more than offer treatments. It offers a full-day experience to be enjoyed at your leisure. No wonder they offer a membership as those discounts really add up for regular patrons. The services are not cheap but they definitely are worth it for days you need to recharge or for special occasions. I had no idea such a place existed in the mall and I honestly hope to be back soon!

Services were provided free of charge to facilitate my 100% honest review.

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Cam | Bibs & Baubles April 24, 2012 - 12:15 pm

I haven’t been to Burke Williams in forever!!! I totally see a pregnancy massage in my very near future!

Cookies & Clogs May 2, 2012 - 5:00 pm

Girl, you will love it! If you can, take a whole day out to just let it all soak in. I LOVED the location and it was so close to Bart!

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