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by TerriAnn

I am always shocked when I see how much people pay to go to college! Plus, it is constantly on the news how several establishments keep trying to hike the already high tuition costs. Even those attending community colleges need to get their own books and that adds up quite a bit. Too bad there isn’t some kind of way to borrow the necessary books use it for just a semester or two. Oh, wait, you can!

borrow books for your college courses at campus book rentals

CampusBookRentals.com can help cut those education costs up to 90%. By renting the textbooks you need, using them, then returning them you save cash and storage space! If possiblet, I would recommend giving yourself 1-2 weeks leeway when using the service so that you can take advantage of their free shipping program. This video does a great job in covering the basic questions you may have about their service:

Using CampusBookRentals.com does more than save you time and money. For each textbook you rent, a donation is made to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity which helps provide surgery for children born with a cleft lip, allowing them to smile like they never could have before. Not only are you helping yourself but you can be a part of helping children around the globe to have the smile they SHOULD have been born with.

Before you invest in dozens of textbooks that will just collect dust after the semester is done, you might want to check out Campus Book Rentals to see if they stock the titles you need and at up to 90% off.

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