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Chuck E. Cheese’s New Pizza

by TerriAnn

Chuck E. Cheese's LogoYou may find it strange to see a post on the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s. After all, it’s usually pretty gross. Whenever we would go to Chuck E. Cheese’s it was for the games, climbing structure, tokens, and prizes. No one really went there to eat and, if anyone did, they usually got sick.

After 30 years, Chuck E. Cheese’s is finally introducing a new pizza recipe that does NOT include frozen dough or cheese. That’s right, each location actually makes their own dough and grates the mozzarella cheese each day. That’s huge!

Chuck E. Cheese's Guest Pass Chuck E. Cheese's Redwood City

Though I was sent a Chuck E. Cheese’s Guest Pass try the new pizza, it’s been tough to bring myself to arrange a trip. Hey, I’ve been going there since I was a little girl and the pizza has been nasty all those years. Well, I finally grabbed a couple of other kids (since mine is lactose-intolerant) and did the deed.

My worries were not warranted though. We ordered a large half-cheese and half-pepperoni/black olive pizza. It took about 18 minutes for the pizza to finish which was just enough time for each of the girls to spend their 10 tokens each. I thought that wouldn’t be enough but all of them were quite content with that amount. Anyway, after they finished using their tokens we sat down to eat and the pizza was still hot.

Chuck E. Cheese's New Pizza Recipe

The unanimous decision was that is was good. It was not the best I’ve ever eaten (our friend from Italy whose family had a pizza restaurant once made a ‘pie’ for us and THAT was the best ever) but it tasted much better than before. Compared to any other chain pizza place which uses fresh ingredients, this was about the same. With just me and three young girls (ages 10, 10, and 7) we polished off the whole thing. I was shocked that each girl ate 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 pieces, actually asking me if they could have more. We all left happy and satisfied.

So the next time your children’s play-date group goes to Chuck E. Cheese’s, don’t be worried that you were not able to eat beforehand. You can always pick up a fresh made-to-order pizza there!

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blueviolet August 19, 2011 - 7:48 am

I’m glad you pushed yourself to do it then. I love knowing that it was THAT good!

Cookies & Clogs August 19, 2011 - 12:14 pm

I think it was a smart move on their part to change the recipe! I was tempted to get a salad since the salad bar looked so good but I couldn’t shake the thought that some grimy kids’ hands had been in the eggs and cheese 😛

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