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How to Set Up CVS Pay & Why It Will Make Your Life That Much Easier

by TerriAnn
Cookies & Clogs | How to use CVS Pay in the CVS Pharmacy app.

These days, we do almost everything with our smartphones. We call, text, take photos, share videos, calculate, time, research, read books, watch shows, shop, etc. That’s why it makes sense to use CVS Pay.

What is CVS Pay?

CVS Pay is integrated into the free CVS Pharmacy app. With one scan and a couple taps, it streamlines the checkout process to get in you in and out of the store in a jiffy. No more fumbling around your purse, getting out your wallet, searching for the right credit/debit card, swiping or inserting it, waiting for the transaction to process, signing, and finally getting your items! And, because the CVS Pharmacy app is also connected to the Pharmacy and ExtraCare, you can take advantage of those programs at the same time!


How Do You Set Up CVS Pay?

To use CVS Pay, you have to first set it up. Here are the steps you will have to take to do that.

  1. Open your CVS Pharmacy app. It should already be linked to your ExtraCare card. If it isn’t, do that now. (FYI, you get $5 ExtraBucks® Rewards the first time you link your account.)
  2. Tap Menu icon (three bars in the upper right corner) and select CVS Pay. Or, if you see a CVS Pay setup prompt, choose that.
  3. Enter a PIN number to authorize payments. If your phone has a fingerprint feature, you can use that to confirm payment.
  4. Choose what type of card you are adding.
  5. Grant camera access to the app to automatically enter your card information.
  6. Tap My Payment Options and choose payment type.

Cookies & Clogs | How to use CVS Pay in the CVS Pharmacy app.

  1. Scan the payment card or enter it manually. The credit card I normally use has the information printed on the back instead of the front. The app could not read it so I entered the card number, expiration date, and security code.
  2. Add another card or select I’m Finished.

Cookies & Clogs | How to use CVS Pay in the CVS Pharmacy app.

How Do You Use CVS Pay?

That’s it. You are all ready to use CVS Pay the next time you go to CVS Pharmacy. When you open the CVS Pharmacy app, select ExtraCare Card+Pay. It will pull up your ExtraCare number. Have the cashier scan the barcode or, if you are picking up an order through the drive-thru, tell the employee the unique order number. The payment screen will pop up next. You can choose to use CVS Pay or use another method of payment.

I had to pick up a few things and decided to try it myself. So quick and easy! Just tap, scan, select, and confirm. What would usually take a good chunk of time only took less than one minute! I am already in the habit using the app to pull up my ExtraCare Card so it’s super convenient. The cashier even commented how great it would be if more people used CVS Pharmacy app. I agree! If you’re more of a visual person, go through the slideshow below to see how it works step by step.

It is so nice using CVS Pay. At first, I was a bit worried about how things would go. But I had nothing to worry about. Checkout goes smoothly and I’m out the door in no time. I will definitely be using this feature from now on. Have you tried CVS Pay at CVS Pharmacy yet?

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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Kelly June 1, 2019 - 10:39 am

Is the CVS Pay portion of the app still working? I have the app, have linked it to my extra care card, but don’t see a way to link the credit card. We did click on a payments option, but nothing ever loaded.

TerriAnn June 4, 2019 - 7:29 pm

Honestly, I don’t know. I find it so much easier these days to use touchless pay using my phone and/or credit card so rarely find the need to use the CVS app aside from pulling up my account number.

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