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Making Beach Time Even More Fun w/ the D6 SurfSkimmer #d6surfskimmer

by TerriAnn
D6 Surf Skimmer For Kids Review + Video

D6 SurfSkimmer with Gripper Bar Review…


Kids can play at the beach for hours. With all that sand and water, there’s no end to the activities they can come up with. Have they ever tried surf skimming? What is that you say? It’s when you use a lightweight board to ‘skim’ across the thin layer of  water left on the sand with the waves rolling and out. We took our D6 SurfSkimmer out to the coast to give it a try. It was a bit difficult to keep the kids’ attention . . .

D6 SurfSkimmer For Kids Review + Video

The board is designed for children ages 5-10 but has a weight limit of 150 lbs. Since surf skimming was new to all of us, the girls were a bit apprehensive at trying it out. So, as the good mom I am, I volunteered to show them ‘how it’s done’. Uhm, yeah, it was pretty obvious I had no idea what I was doing either 😛

D6 Surf Skimmer For Kids Review + Video

The D6 SurfSkimmer is unique in that it has a removable bar attached. This bar is supposed to help new riders learn how to skim by providing a bit more stability and control. The official description says:

It’s the first of its kind product with Gripper Technology and an easily removable handle.  It’s the perfect skimboard or bodyboard for an entry level action sports fan.  The handle easily comes off so each of the boards has the ability to act as a traditional skimboard or bodyboard.  While the big kids are out there shredding while the little guys look on in envy, now they can join the fun in a safe way with the removable handle…making moms and dads feels good!

I’m not sure if it was the beach conditions (i.e. too steep of a drop) or just our lack of know-how but we found it pretty hard. The most adventurous to keep practicing with the board was one of my daughter’s friends. She’s only 12 years old but is super tall and very athletic. Even she had a tough time. This is what much of our beach time looked like:

In theory, the handle bar seems like it would make it easier. However, it actually seemed to be more of an obstacle in getting the momentum needed to jump on. Running with the board was awkward and it would often get weighed down by the surf coming in. I don’t think any of us lasted even a full second on the board. Also, another parent mentioned that it would have been nice if the handle was telescoping to better fit children (and some adults) of different heights.

Starting this past weekend, our local weather is starting to heat up a bit more. Hopefully we’ll be able to practice more with the D6 Surf Skimmer on different beaches throughout the summer. Maybe we’ll even get daring enough to take off the handle and go for the real thing. There are only three screws and the tool needed was included with the board. If that works out, it would be awesome. If not, well, let’s just say I hope it’ll work out 🙂

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