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Flowers Are Always a Good Idea

by TerriAnn

The other day my husband went out to do some errands. He came home with a beautiful, vibrantly-colored bouquet of roses for me. The occasion? Just because he wanted to. How sweet!

Bouquet of rosesBouquet of roses

Wow, it never fails. If you are hoping to bring a smile to a woman’s face flowers are always good gifts for her. If taken care of, they can last up to two weeks and so does the warm feeling every time they are seen or smelled. We kept the flowers on the table near our desk so I was able to enjoy the lovely fragrance every time I sat down to work – what a great pick-me-up!

Flowers are perfect for any and all occasions, a simple idea that I became more aware of when we lived in Europe. There, flowers are much less expensive and are often found as a regular feature in people’s homes. They are given as thank you gifts, for anniversary, when invited for dinner, etc. This works worldwide and everyone loves being given flowers (unless they are allergic, of course). The best part? Every bouquet is unique and can be chosen to fit the recipient’s likes and personality.

So the next time you are at a loss of what to get for someone, pick up a carefully prepared arrangement and get ready for some hugs and smiles!

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