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I Should’ve Known Better

by TerriAnn

Have you ever had that sentiment? Last year I was able to enjoy a ‘girls’ weekend with my mom and sisters in Brentwood, CA. A family friend, which owns a winery there and has a beautiful property, invited us to stay for a few days. We had such a nice time just relaxing by the fountains, touring the vineyards, and making pizza from scratch in their wood-burning ovens.

One day we decided to spend a bit of time in town. We had a delicious breakfast and took advantage of the mild weather by taking a leisurely stroll. We stumbled across a charming antique store that had beautiful and unique items. It was not one of those dusty, cramped collections of ‘junk’ but, rather, it was a cute little store to roam around and explore.

Ring Brentwood

Near the register was a little basket of silver rings. Now, mind you, I am not much of a fine jewelry-type person or one that focuses much on accessorizing. Still, I found myself drawn to the collection of pieces they had in there. After much digging I found one I loved. It was simple yet detailed, just my style. The shopkeeper could not tell me the exact material it was made of except that it was indeed silver.

After texting a picture to my husband to get his opinion, I paid $15 for the ring. I was quite pleased with my souvenir from the trip and happily wore it almost daily from that day on. After a while I noticed something was wrong. My finger started to look a bit ‘odd’. Yes, the ring was turning my finger green (happens if there are traces of copper in the silver). I had a feeling this might happen and should have been more careful as to how often I wore it. Well, the deed was done and to this day my precious little ring sits prettily on display in my jewelry armoire never to be worn again.

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell January 9, 2012 - 5:26 am

Was it actually listed as sterling silver?

Cookies & Clogs January 9, 2012 - 10:22 am

Nope, the only thing listed was the a $15 price tag 😛

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