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Lil’ Pirates [iOS]

by TerriAnn

I’m not quite sure how to describe Lil’ Pirates, except that it is a free app for the iPhone. It takes a little time to get the hang of it but then it’s addicting. You will find yourself checking in daily (or several times a day) to see if your treasure has increased in value or if your crew members have returned from their jobs.

NOTE: Try not to spend your doubloons (gold coins). I’ll explain that later.

As you begin, you need to create your character and your first crew mate. The tutorial process can be a bit winded but is very clear as to how to play the game. You are consecutively given specific tasks to complete. After a while you will open up new maps to explore and will unlock new jobs. Each new crew member has a specialty for which you will gain extra ‘booty’ if you send them to do their favorite tasks.

I get such a kick out of the expressions of these little guys. “Avast!” “Argh!” “Ahoy, Cap ‘n!” My husband had push notification on and in the middle of the night we would hear, “I’m back!” As they return from a job, you can either play a game with them (1 of 3) or give them a root beer. Yes, a ‘root’ beer. They had to make it kiddie-friendly.

There is also a special island where you bury your treasure and, over time, it becomes more valuable. Silly but fun.

Use your silver coins to buy clothes, ship upgrades, decorations, etc. They are VERY entertaining. My daughter was cracking up when she saw that my husband put a barrel around his captain for clothes. Now he says he’s been dressing them better (you have to play it to see what I mean). Doubloons (gold coins) must be used to purchase the more interesting items. The problem? Doubloons are harder to come by so if you run out or don’t have enough, you have to physically pay to get more. 11 Doubloons cost $1.99, 30 cost $4.99, and so on with 1,000 Doubloons tacking $99.99 onto your iTunes bill. To avoid this, just stick to buying things with silver.

You can also have ship battles but it’s not violent at all. You just see two empty ships, cannon balls shooting across, cartoon fire on the deck, then pay repair costs.

The point of the game? Gain wealth, upgrade your ship and crew, level up your treasures, and drink root beer! In our family we agreed to not steal each other’s treasure, though they are pirates, and it allows all of us to enjoy the game at a more relaxed pace.

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Jen January 17, 2011 - 12:34 pm

You too!??! My husband, teen daughter and I are addicted to this game! We are always seeing who can steal, whos booty!!

But here is a great tip!
When you play the games to win the rootbeer:

Only follow them 2 times then fail. If you do it more, it will raise the number of times for you to have to win the next time to 3 or more!

Watch their signals, each one means one of the items (Rock, Paper, Scissors). You watch their first signal, then guess on the first one, then you know what that signal matches to which item. Pretty soon you know their signal and WIN!

Do same as Follow my lead. Do not do more than 6 fish, fail after you have 6 fish, so it doesn’t raise it to 8 fish needed.

Hope this helps you all have even more fun!
We’d love to add you to our friends so we can share treasures and steal your booty! (feel free to add us as a friend by email *you have our email address now)
Visit me tomorrow at beachmonkeys.blogspot.com to read about our other favorite game called Trade Nations!

Cookies & Clogs January 17, 2011 - 10:40 pm

THAT’s why I always have to catch 8 fish now!! Thanks for the tips-at least it will save my DH and DD. Thanks for the invite but I get t0o stressed if I know my treasure is in danger 😛 Either way, I’ll check out your review tomorrow!

Penelope January 18, 2011 - 6:47 pm

omg, this looks fuuuunn! i get addicted to these things, so of course, i’m going to check it out 🙂

Cookies & Clogs January 19, 2011 - 5:42 pm

It’s a hoot!

Shop with Me Mama January 18, 2011 - 7:39 pm

this does look like loads of fun!

Cookies & Clogs January 19, 2011 - 5:42 pm

I was skeptical at first but it really is addicting.

Sarah January 19, 2011 - 2:37 pm

I think I need an iPhone just for the games! This one looks really cute and definitely addictive.

Cookies & Clogs January 19, 2011 - 5:43 pm

Hey, who gets an iPhone to call people?! 🙂 The apps are so fun and a WAY better deal then video games on gaming consoles for $60 a pop.

Johnny Mack January 5, 2012 - 7:18 pm

This sounds a lot like several other apps i’ve tried. Tiny Tower where you build your high rise building, fill it with people and businesses and wait for them to make money so you get rent. Zoo Keeper is another app like this. There’s a pet shop app that my wife plays too. All very addicting net kinda funny while also a little silly.

Cookies & Clogs January 6, 2012 - 6:57 am

Oh, I love Monster Pet Shop (reviewed https://www.cookiesandclogs.com/iphone-app-monster-pet-shop ) and Tiny Tower (review coming soon). I think bright, innocent graphics and concepts are refreshing. They let you take a nice, little breather 🙂

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