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Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell [iOS]

by TerriAnn

Way back when, my daughter used to play Freddi Fish and other Humongous games on the PC. It was easy enough for me to move the mouse but it was much harder for her little hands. I LOVE the migration to the iPad! It is the perfect platform for this game, fully allowing children ages 4 and up to enjoy it!*

In Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell, Freddi Fish and her friend Luther are excited for the Founder’s Day Festival. Too bad Uncle Blenny has been put into jail due to the missing Great Conch Shell, without which the festival cannot begin. Your child will help the two sleuthing fish solve the mystery to find the shell, save the festival, and free Uncle Blenny.

Along the way there are countless mini-games to play, puzzles to solve, songs to be  heard, and fun things to click on. Click on? That’s right. Almost everything, in each scene, can be touched to reveal a surprise. These are so fun and humorous that you, as the parent, will end up trying to tap places your child might have missed. This is the main reason why the transition to the iPad is so great. The app is extremely responsive to touch, making it easy for tiny fingers to control and direct the game. In addition to encouraging memory and critical thinking, the game is interactive, enjoyable, and educational.

As for replayability, my daughter played the app two times from start to finish the first day we downloaded it. Since then, she’ll periodically start it up and I’ll hear her giggling here and there. Keep in mind that she is now about seven years older than when she first played it! Each time the game is restarted, several bits change such as the placement of items, the culprit, etc. Plus, it’s just so entertaining that your child will want to play it again and again. It is well worth the $2.99!

*Players ages 8-11 might like Spy Fox a bit better.

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Alison June 6, 2012 - 10:07 am

My boys love this game! Even my almost 3 year old plays it…not like he should but at least he can explore the areas. 🙂

Cookies & Clogs June 6, 2012 - 1:11 pm

I know – it’s great! For the youngest one, he’d probably like Putt-Putt 🙂

Alison June 6, 2012 - 1:28 pm

Yes he does like Putt-Putt too! 🙂

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