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by TerriAnn

Many think Jazzercise is synonymous with ‘old ladies’, leg warmers, and ‘Richard Simmons’. Not so! You will find yourself sweating to a great mix of old and new tunes with a broad range of ages and body types. With warm-up, 40 minutes of cardio, weight training, core work, and a cool-down stretch you will can have a great, rounded workout in ONE hour. Since last September, I have gotten more energy and have dropped 2 pant sizes! I also like that most facilities have childcare. The problem with many gyms is that the childcare is more expensive than the membership itself. It does take a little getting used to the steps to get a good workout but if you give yourself 1 month, you will rave about Jazzercise as I do. Come join me at the Recreation Center in Burlingame, CA to shed those ‘baby’ pounds!

Current specials:
* $75.00 for the summer
* 2 months for $50.00
* $19.00 30-day gift membership w/ coin purse – for current customers

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