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Sushi House, Alameda

by TerriAnn

2375 Shoreline Drive, Alameda, CA 94501

Good for: Families
Price Range: Not cheap, not expensive
Features: Japanese, patio seating available

Though there is an abundance of Japanese restaurants in San Mateo, we will always drive over to Alameda if we want to treat ourselves to good sushi. Their rolls are just fantastic, the fish fresh, and there is enough variety for everyone. You can go the ‘safe’ route by getting a bento box or you can be more adventurous with shrimp heads or an anemone roll. There is also the awesome baked california roll wrapped in salmon.

The restaurant is clean and spacious. On a clear day you can get a nice view of the bay as the restaurant is next to the shoreline. They also have a covered patio area with heaters if you want it a bit more private. Whatever you choose, you will leave full and happy.

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