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Lynda.com – Online Video Tutorial Library, Part 1

by TerriAnn

Lynda.com Online Video Tutorial LibraryEver since we got our new camera (Nikon 5100), I’ve been wanting to take some photography classes to learn more about the camera as well as basic photography concepts. Due to lack of time and the cost, I’ve neglected doing so. I’m so happy to have discovered Lynda.com, an online library of over 80,000 video tutorials.

So far I’ve had a chance to check out the “Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light” and a few tutorials in the “Shooting with the Nikon D5100” series. VERY clear and informative videos! The pace at which points are explained is great and the jargon is basic yet not over-simplified. It’s as if I have a private instructor right in my home! This is also a great educational tool for my daughter as her sixth grade school year begins.

As mentioned, this video library contains thousands of tutorials on hundreds of subjects. Next I’d like to explore the ones covering Photoshop. Here are some of the other popular topics:

Lynda.com video online tutorial popular

Lynda.com is a paid service that is as low as $25/month with no long-term commitments. That gives you anytime access to the whole library! I think it’s a bargain as courses in any of these topics are generally upwards of $100 – I know because I’ve been looking.

I’ll be updating you with some more tidbits about Lynda.com as I get a chance to explore it more in-depth. Stay tuned as I’ll have a year-long premium membership to give away as well, a value of $375! Interested? See part 2!

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