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This Month Has Been Busy – The Ultimate Understatement #VZWBuzz

by TerriAnn
Moving again!

Whew, has this been a crazy month so far! A ton has been going on that I haven’t even had time to get my Black Friday plan together yet!

Busy Month Overload

  • My husband just got diagnosed as having Celiac disease. That means he now has to go 100% gluten free, not even eating items that say “made on the same equipment as . . . ”
  • We moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom in the same complex. Rent is ridiculous in the San Mateo / Silicon Valley area!

Moving again! Crazy month of November...

  • We had a last minute garage sale the week before we moved . Man, garage sale people do not play around! If you asked $1 for a full set of new pans, they’d try to get it for 50 cents. I’m usually horrible at negotiation but the gloves were off by the end of the day 😛
  • Both Frans and I have transitioned to Android phones. He’s using the Moto X that I was testing and, as a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassador, I received an LG G2 to try out. Both of us have been loving the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE – super fast! The G2 has been great for reviews with the dual-camera video feature, simple Quick Memo to take screenshots, and the fact that I can run up to seven applications at the same time including the Richnote note taker. Having buttons on the back sure makes taking ‘selfies’ easier too. The case I bought is nice but it takes some getting used to and is sometimes awkward.

LG G2 Smartphone this month from Verizon Wireless with 4G LTE #VZWBuzz #LGG2

  • The charter school teacher came for our monthly meeting and I couldn’t find any of the school work my daughter did during the past 20 days.
  • I had a busy press trip just this past week that wiped me out. The Disney Frozen Event was pretty amazing though.

Disney's Animated Movie Frozen Voice Over Recording Booth - Month of November #DisneyFrozenEvent

  • We’ve reviewed four cars already this month with another one on the way tomorrow.
  • About 15 posts are due or even past due . . . which is soooo not like me.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. My calendar is not as full the next couple of weeks so hopefully I can use the time to get back on track.

Has your November been just as busy, or even more so?

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Rosey November 26, 2013 - 7:55 am

Everything is on hyperdrive over here too. I’m excited to go see Frozen, we’ve been waiting for the opening day!

The Mom Jen November 26, 2013 - 5:16 pm

Busy here too, all 3 kids home this week from school, so getting little done. Hope you get to catch up and that your hubby’s diet gets worked out, I’m exhausted just reading all that. And, where does your daughter sleep?

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