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Netherlands VS Spain 7/11/2010

by TerriAnn

Okay, since my husband is Dutch and he was born and raised in the Netherlands, it was inevitable that I would post about the World Cup Finals. This series has been a huge upset in favor of the ‘underdogs’ as my husband has described it. In San Francisco, a gigantic screen will be set up at the Civic Center for all soccer (football to the non-Americans) fans to enjoy and root for their favorite teams.

So many have been following the World Cup this year. It’s been excited and surprising with Brazil getting booted out pretty early on and supposedly ‘weak’ teams scoring goals of the ‘big boys’. People are even looking to Paul the octopus and Mani the parrot to predict who will win.

The 2010 World Cup Final between The Netherlands (Holland) and Spain is at 11:30 PST tomorrow (7/11) so grab a free Slurpee from 7-Eleven and enjoy the game.

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