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Nokia Lumia 822 For Verizon Wireless – First Impressions + Camera Quality

by TerriAnn

Last month I received the new Nokia Lumia 822, a 4G LTE smartphone that uses Windows 8. This phone was specifically designed for Verizon Wireless to address the issues customers were most concerned with – staying connected, value, and ease of use. I was a bit nervous as to how I would fair with the Lumia as I’ve been iPhone-only for a couple of years now.

The Lumia is a bit larger than the iPhone but the exact same weight. However, the thin design and curved backing actually make it seem lighter and it fits much better in my hand. You can choose whether to get the phone in black, white, and gray. The screen is bigger and the display is very clear. Battery life is fantastic and my phone can go for almost two days without being charged. 16MB comes standard but you can add a MicroSD up to 64MB. I don’t like the fact that the back cover has to be removed to access the SD slot. It feels a bit flimsy and I kept thinking I was going to crack the cover or break off the clips when taking it off.

Customizing the main screen really made the phone feel like my own and it’s just so pretty! Icons can be added, deleted, and resized. Sure beats dozens and dozens of square images cluttering the screen! I found it a bit frustrating with the buttons being completely different, though. I couldn’t even figure out how to mute the phone or put it on silent at first. After some practice, I finally got the hang of it. I’m really liking that back button now!

One of my favorite features has been the 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Photos are sharp and have good color. You can use the ‘camera’ button to access the camera and to shoot. Or, you can simply touch the screen and the Lumia will focus and snap the photo at the same time. No more tapping to focus and then struggling to find the shutter button, only to miss the shot or accidentally move it and the image ends up blurry. Here are some quick snapshots I took with the Lumia:

Staying Connected
In addition to importing your email contacts and calendar, you can also set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The 4G LTE lets you access ultra fast connection and the dual-core processor means quick loading times. Share photos instantly via message or email. There is also the feature to tap and send to other (NFC-enabled) devices.

The Nokia Lumia 822 only costs $49.99 with a contract – awesome, right? What other smartphones can you get for that price which are not the ‘old’ models?! Map, music, and augmented reality apps usually cost extra but they come standard (free) on this phone.

Ease of use
The touchscreen is very sensitive and responds immediately. That’s just on the ‘normal’ setting too. The high setting allows you to wear gloves and still tap, swipe, and pinch to your heart’s content! Text color and size can be adjusted in the settings. The keyboard works great and I’m actually able to type faster on this than on my iPhone (which still isn’t very fast though).

Apps play a major role on smartphones these days and can make or break it in my opinion. In my next post, I’ll cover some of the apps that are included, some that are not, and highlight ones that impact my day-to-day life. In the meantime, maybe you can take this Verizon Survey so they can better serve you.

Don’t forget to check out my Nokia Lumia 822 (white) giveaway,courtesy of Verizon Wireless.

What features do you find most important in/on a smartphone?

I was provided a device (activation and service is paid by me) and compensation as a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. This, however, will not affect me in providing my 100% honest opinion in this or subsequent posts I write regarding this product or sponsoring company.

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