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Partying with an International Flair

by TerriAnn

International Party with Dutch Chinese outfitsA few years ago, we wanted to plan a themed party with our friends. After playing with a few different costume party ideas, we decided to have an international party in which everyone could dress up in an outfit from the country they originated from.

I was able to go down to Chinatown to pick up a dress but  several others had a tougher time. In fact, my mom ended up sewing my daughter’s outfit from a pattern I had bought online. We ordered hats for my daughter and husband but my husband did borrow an acquaintance’s wooden clogs. All this could have been avoided if we checked out Fancy Dress Ball first! Only a handful actually participated but it was enough to make the gathering interesting.

The food was another story – we certainly didn’t have any problems in that department. We have a pretty diverse group of friends so they cooked Russian, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Soul, Korean, Guatemalan, and so much more. I even made little place cards for with the name of each dish and the country of origin. Everything was delicious! If you ever want a seriously tasty spread, ask people to bring something their mother or grandmother used to make. Mmmm!

That was back in 2008 and some were not able to make it. I think it’s time to throw another one since it was so fun. What was your most memorable party?

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