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Peter Rabbit Press Conference with Cast & Filmmaker Interview

by TerriAnn
Peter Rabbit Press Conference in Hollywood with Sony Pictures and Cast Interview

Ah! So exciting! The Peter Rabbit movie by Sony Pictures is out today! I’m looking forward to seeing it again but this time with my family. It was only last week that I flew down to Los Angeles to see a pre-screening of the film and to attend a press conference with the cast and filmmaker. What a fun group they were!

Peter Rabbit Press Conference in Hollywood with Sony Pictures and Cast Interview

The talent in attendance were:

  • James Corden
  • Rose Byrne
  • Elizabeth Debicki
  • Domhnall Gleeson
  • Margot Robbie
  • Will Gluck

Attending the Peter Rabbit Press Conference

The Peter Rabbit press conference was shared live on Yahoo Entertainment’s Facebook page so feel free to watch the video embedded below.

There were a few comments during the Peter Rabbit press conference that really stood out to me. Here are the highlights, IMHO, from the interview.

  • James, let’s start with you. You are the one and only Peter Rabbit. Tell us about channeling your “inner bunny” for this role.
    It wasn’t really about channeling an inner rabbit. It was mostly about how do we find a way to honor this character that is so beloved by Beatrix Potter. How do we unlock this lovable, mischievous character that has been created in these beautiful books and honor it now in a film. I just feel very fortunate that I was able to work with a director and writer like Will who understands the legacy of that character and the world that it lives in and, more than anything, just want to reintroduce this character to so many young people who will hopefully then leave the movie theater and go and discover these incredible books.
  • How did you go about finding the tone of the film throughout the writing and the pre-production?
    I think this is a group effort finding out where everyone comes from. But, I know this sounds crazy, we tried so desperately to keep it grounded in reality and what we thought, going back to what James said earlier, Beatrix Potter would smile down on us for. So that was kind of the headline always — does this make sense in her world. We were very religious in that regard.
Peter Rabbit Press Conference in Hollywood with Sony Pictures and Cast Interview

Los Angeles – February 02, 2018: Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie, James Corden, Elizabeth Debicki, Domhnall Gleeson and Director Will Gluck at Junket Photo Call for Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT at The London Hotel West Hollywood

  • What would you like each child to walk away with from this movie?
    My son is six and he’s seen the film and we talked about it afterwards. I hadn’t realized this is something kids would take away from it until he brought it up with me. He said to me, “The thing I loved about the film is that everyone makes mistakes…but what’s important is not the mistake that you made, but how you react to that mistake and the person you are after that mistake.”
  • Which parts stay true to Beatrix Potter’s book and which parts don’t?
    In the beginning of the movie it’s exactly what you’ve read in the Beatrix Potter books and it’s kind of a new adventure for Peter. So it’s everything you’ve read in the tales of all the 24 or 26 (actually it’s 23) tales and then we’ve kind of moved them on and if he keeps going what would happen. So, if you like the character of Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail, and all the animals, you’re in store for a great new adventure.

Rounding Out the Peter Rabbit Event

Before the Peter Rabbit press conference, we previewed some of the film-related merchandise which will be available for purchase soon. Everything was so cute! Then, afterwards, there were some photo opps with Peter Rabbit and some actual bunnies. That’s right, actual real-life, fuzzy, wuzzy BUNNIES!!! (Swipe through the slideshow for more photos.)

So, don’t forget to see Peter Rabbit today or at least during the weekend. The whole family will loved it (see full review here)!

Peter Rabbit Press Conference in Hollywood with Sony Pictures and Cast Interview

Learn More About the Peter Rabbit Movie

To get the latest info on Peter Rabbit, visit the following links:

I was invited on an all-expense paid trip to attend a screening and press conference for Peter Rabbit by Sony Pictures. All opinions are my own.

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