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Potty Surprise — Clever Potty Training Hack

by TerriAnn

The other day I saw something that I had never seen before. It seemed so interesting and so clever that I was momentarily in awe.

I was waiting in the car with my daughter and my friend near a local park. A mother and her two little children walked out of the park entrance to the small SUV parked in front of us. She opened the back and lifted her younger daughter in. I assumed she was going to change her or something (yes, I was being totally nosey and watching them).

Child potty training seat with removable cupInstead, I saw the girl drop her pants and sit on the little potty that was in there. After she was done and cleaned up, the little boy went for his turn. Mom put them back together and the two ran back into the park, which had no bathrooms by the way.

Wow, what a fabulous idea! Why had I never thought of that before with my daughter?! My friend said she did something similar forty years ago with her children when they were small.

She then pulled out the potty cup and looked for a place to dump it. That place just happened to be on the grass right near where we were parked.

Oh yeah, that’s why I never came up with this. It always grossed me out to even think having my child pee in a plastic chair/cup and then having to empty and clean it. Apparently this trait is genetic as my daughter said, “Eiuw, I saw her pour out the kids’ pee!”

My final thoughts – ingenious but kind of type-A and gross . . .

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Jeri Gloege August 26, 2011 - 11:05 am

I like the idea of the portable potty but disagree with her dumping methods. A bush or other area where people might not be so inclined to walk (or lining her potty cup with paper towels and then disposing of them in the trash can) would have been a much better disposing method. Great idea, but sheer laziness in final execution IMHO.

Cookies & Clogs August 26, 2011 - 11:09 am

Maybe that was it. It was kind of funny watching her pace back and forth looking for a good spot though. I should clarify that is was near the fence and perhaps in a bush, but I could not see from the driver’s seat.

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