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QMee – Cash Rewards For Searching Like You Usually Do

by TerriAnn
QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

QMee Provides Cash Rewards For Searching, Sponsored Post…

Do you find yourself using search engines ALL the time? I know I do. Plus, I rarely type in full urls anymore as it’s so much easier to search for the site name and click over. I’ve seen other sites that promise points and such for searching but those have all been kind of bonky to me. Many use their own search engines which, by the way, are generally not as extensive as Google or even Bing. A blogging buddy of mine recently introduced me to a service called QMee. This is a free app that lets you earn cold, hard cash for searching and clicking.

QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

QMee runs in the background (you’ll only see a tiny icon in your browser’s toolbar) and finds ads relevant to what you’re searching for. If it finds some, a sidebar will pop up on the left of the screen with links and varying amounts. Click those and money is automatically deposited into your QMee piggy bank.

In the photo below, I typed in “insurance quotes” and got two links. If I would click the first result for Esurance, 16¢ would go into my account.

QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

So far, the highest amount I have seen is 16¢ but most tend to average around 10¢. This may seem insignificant but those small amounts can add up really quickly. After casually using the app for a few days, this is what my account history looked like. Now, if I was more diligent in clicking on the links, I’d have double or triple this!

QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

You can have whatever is in your piggybank sent to your PayPal account or donate it. There is NO minimum, which is totally awesome. I chose to have my whopping $4.69 transferred to my PayPal account and it was in there within a matter of seconds! Ahh, isn’t instant gratification nice?! This is a nice way to help a charity you want to support as well with different organizations being featured monthly.

QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

QMee also works with another of my favorite sites to browse – Amazon. This way I can look for stuff we need (or don’t need) and pocket a bit of cash each time a relevant link pops up. The more I earn, the more I can spend!

QMee Search Service with Cash Rewards

I found this app to be very clever. It’s a small service that doesn’t seem to drain my computer resources, is non-obtrusive, only has ads that pertain to my current search, is free, and let’s me bank a penny or two here and there. It actually makes searching the web kind of fun:)

It’s very common for websites to get a bit of money when readers click their links (affiliate marketing) but, in this case, you get a portion of the cut! At this time QMee is in the still in the beta stage and, as such, it is an invite only program. Don’t worry though, I’ve got 20 lovely invites to share with you. Just go ahead and sign up using my invite link at http://qm.ee/32325B1D. I don’t get a referral fee if you sign up but I do get the satisfaction of letting you try QMee to get cash rewards for searching like you usually do.

I’ll leave you with a nice video summary of QMee. Just imagine it’s me telling you about it…but with a British accent…and a male voice.


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