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Rubi Coffee Kiosk – Freshly Brewed Specialty Coffee To Go For Only $1?

by TerriAnn
Rubi Coffee Kiosk Demonstation with FREE Discount Code


Sometimes you just don’t have time to make a fresh cup of joe at home but you don’t want to deal with the wait or cost at a coffee house. What then? Rubi coffee kiosks has been popping up in grocery stores all over Northern California. I found 15 locations near my zip code!

What is a Rubi Coffee Kiosk?

Rubi is the name of an innovative stand-alone kiosk machine. For only $1, you can pick up a freshly-brewed cup of Seattle’s Best coffee, customized to your tastes. It’s clean, takes about 1-2 minutes, and is piping hot.

How Does it Work?

Well, instead of me trying to give the technical specs of how Rubi does what it does, here’s a blurb from the company itself:

Each cup begins with fresh beans from Seattle’s Best Coffee that are ground and brewed on-demand in a French press-style chamber using filtered water. Any beverage can be individually customized by choosing your desired levels of sweetener and creamer, decaf or regular brews, and various flavors such as Café Mocha, Café Vanilla and Hot Chocolate.

Are you more of a visual person? Then maybe this will help:

Rubi Coffee Kiosk Demonstation with FREE Discount Code

Or this (starting from after the order is put in):

Taste, Cost, and Options

As far as taste goes, it’s on the side of average. My husband is used to strong European-style coffee and is pretty picky. That said, he was not impressed with the taste. My cup was loaded with sugar and flavor so it was fine for me. The hot chocolate tastes a bit watery though.

Cups come in small and large. A small cup of regular coffee is $1. Specialty flavors and size can bring the cost up to $2 – still WAY less expensive than other places.

Options include dark roast, decaf, pumpkin spice (seasonal), café vanilla, and café mocha. As mentioned, hot chocolate is also available. When putting in your order, you can select how much sugar, creamer, and/or Splenda you’d like added to your cup.

Rubi is a great option for a quick, inexpensive hot beverage. If you text BEAN2CUP to 727272, you’ll get a code to try Rubi for FREE. If you like it, there’s also a rewards program you can be a part of. Why not pick one up today?

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