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Leveling Up w/ Seagate Portable External Drive

by TerriAnn
Seagate Portable External Drive for Mac with Thunderbolt Fast

Seagate Portable External Drive, Mac w/ Thunderbolt . . .


A few years ago, I decided to buckle down and organize our digital photos. It was a long and meticulous process with multiple instances of moving files from one folder to another, renaming, checking for duplicates, etc. But, then, it happened. I accidentally deleted a few months of 2003! They weren’t in the recycling bin (on the computer) and our backup didn’t include these yet. I was so sad and frustrated to have lost such a special chunk of my daughter’s life at 2-1/2 years old, which included a special trip we had taken to visit family.

Since then, I’ve been a backup nut with several copies stashed in various places. But, as our collection of family photos and videos continues to grows, so does our need for data storage. I recently received a Backup Plus for Mac portable drive with Thunderbolt from Seagate.

Seagate Portable External Drive for Mac with Thunderbolt

This little drive holds 1TB (terabyte, aka 1000 gigabytes), double the capacity of our previous one. Just plug and play then drag and drop. The ‘backup plus’ portion of the drive provides a sleek dashboard for easy sharing on, and from, your social networks. The drive can easily be read by a PC as well, very important with the warring of PC vs Mac in many households.

Whoa, mama, is this thing fast?! It transfers 4GB of files in only four minutes. That’s the benefit of having the Thunderbolt adaptor. The drive does get pretty hot so it’s a good thing the adaptor has extra room for air flow. The drive remains light and compact though.

Seagate Portable External Drive for Mac with Thunderbolt Fast

I also received another 1TB Backup Plus for Mac but this time with a 3.0 adaptor. These two adaptors can be used interchangeably, which provides even more options for digital data on the go.

Seagate Portable External Drive for Mac with Thunderbolt Adaptor and USB 3.0

What’s even better is how responsive the drive is. I often need to access and transfer files from the external drive. Doing this regularly caused our last one to lag and even freeze up. However, the Seagate drive has no problem with this. The Thunderbolt makes usage quick and seamless – just the way I like it!

My husband had some pre-conceived ideas about Seagate external drives. Once upon a time, he had some issues with some of their hard drives. However, time has been good to the company as it has, thus far, been outshining it’s hard drive competitor *cough* Western Digital *cough*. I’m so glad to have found a portable drive I can trust with my most precious digital data!

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