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Smart & Final and National Frozen Food Month #SFSmarties

by TerriAnn

What a great time to be a part of #SFSmarties, a select group exploring the offerings found at Smart & Final Stores! March is National Frozen Food month. So, from 3/2 to 3/29, you can get $10 off your next shopping order if you spend $40 on select frozen foods at your local Smart & Final.

So what can you find in the frozen food section here? I drove to the San Mateo location and spent WAY too much time deciding. I was surprised at the vast selection. From afar the frozen area looked so small but the shelves were fully stocked and loaded. Since we had been ill, dinners have been the hardest to prepare. After coughing and sneezing all day, not much energy is left to stand over the oven/stove. We were going to go Italian or Mexican but went with the latter since I needed a lactose-free meal (for my daughter).

I ended up with Pollo Loco BBQ Chicken Burritos, Calavo Avacados, and El Monterey Beef Taquitos. There were several brands of taquitos so I had no problem finding one that had no milk/dairy in it. I planned to make a rockin’ guacamole to dip the taquitos in but some of the avocados were not ripe. The whole point of buying them frozen was so that they would be ripe! I was really looking forward to it too. The bbq chicken burritos had a very strange collection of flavors so that one will not be on my list in the future. I really liked the taquitos though so I will be having them again, but this time with guacamole!

I rounded out our meal with a simple salad including lettuce, lactose-free cheese, and ranch dressing. Okay, ranch is totally dairy but this is plate was for me and I’m fine with lactose (hehe).

Since I did the shopping and cooking, it was really my fault the meal was not stellar. That, however, is not a deterrent for me to return to Smart & Final for more frozen items. I quite like getting warehouse-type prices without the over-the-top quantities. There was so much to choose from that I even picked up some lumpia for another meal. I’m anxious for my next trip to S & F!

Disclosure: Collective Bias compensated me for my time in preparing this post, which contains 100% my honest opinion.

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Amy @ Dealusional March 24, 2011 - 12:55 pm

I’m glad your first Smart & Final trip was a pleasant surprise! I can’t wait to see what you get next time 🙂

Cookies & Clogs March 24, 2011 - 1:15 pm

Me too! There was just so much great stuff to choose from!

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