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Summer Means . . .

by TerriAnn

Summer means trips to the beach, pool parties, and picnics at the park. It also means I have to pay more attention to the skincare products I use. The last couple of years my freckles have become much more prominent. My husband thinks they’re cute but I’m pretty self conscious about them. Just to make sure I don’t get any more freckles than I already have, I’m trying to apply sunscreen everyday, regardless of if I have any outdoor activities planned or not.

Summer also means ‘swimsuit’ season. Now, we know that our bodies will never go back the way they were before having kids. That doesn’t mean we have to miss out though. I’ve got a great tankini that covers my mid-section with cute shorts attached to the other piece. I just need to find a good shea butter product to lather on then get more exercise. I had this grand idea to get up and take a jog with my puppy every day in the morning. That lasted one day – yesterday. Guess I need to break out that Pilates DVD.

So, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with summer. What makes summer irreplaceable in my book, though, is the opportunity it gives me to spend quality time with my family. No school, lazy days, and mini-vacations make for some scrapbook-worthy memories. So, Summer, bring it on!

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