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The Headache They Call Moving . . .

by TerriAnn

We’ve been in our place for four years now. That’s a record for us!

Just six months after we got married, and with me 5 months pregnant, circumstances forced us to move in with my mom. At that point we didn’t have that much to bring with us and she only lived down the street. During that time my mom was very accommodating and supportive during a very difficult time for us. It was so great having a built-in babysitter too! But to grow as a couple/family, we really needed to get out on our own. (Those that have moved in with their parents later on know what I mean!)

This was all during the ‘dot com’ crash so work was tough to come by. Finally, my husband was able to find a job but it was back in the Netherlands. Since we didn’t have much holding us back here, we decided to move internationally. At that time, though, using long distance movers was not an option. We even sold most of what we had including many of our wedding and baby gifts to help us get our feet planted abroad. That was tough but we had a new life ahead of us!

When we were there, I had to adjust to the language and lifestyle in the Netherlands. My daughter, being so young, had a really easy time and picked up the language pretty well when she started pre-school. We stayed with family until our paperwork went through for our own place. One of my daughter’s toys must have been stuck on because my mother-in-law kept hearing music from the boxes we had shipped to their house prior.

We lived in a condo above a super market so it was so convenient. Plus, they always had these special weekly items like the luggage carry-on I got for 10 Euros and lasted for about 6 years! But, visiting another country and actually moving there are two completely different things. Now I fully understood what my husband went through in adjusting to life in the States. Food is different, attitudes are different, and life in general is not what you’re used to. Can you imagine putting in a quarter to unlock and use a shopping cart? What about learning to drive with a separate bike lane on every street? How about even adults eating chocolate sprinkles on their bread for breakfast?

Then, in 2006, employment allowed us to move back to California. Oh how we missed the sun! Again, due to our situation we sold most of what we acquired there so as to ship as little as possible. Moving is never fun, especially when our resident visas cost a thousand a pop. That’s the last move overseas that we plan on doing for now.

We finally feel settled. I just put in this years fruit and vegetable plants, we got a dog, and we have some projects around the home planned. That also means that we accumulated quite a bit including dressers, desks, beds, appliances, etc. If we ever need to move again, I will definitely conside hiring movers because, as you can tell, I’ve had quite enough of the whole ordeal.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, which contains 100% my honest opinion.

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JulieD May 5, 2011 - 11:22 am

Wow, those are huge moves. I hope you don’t have to move again!

Cookies & Clogs May 5, 2011 - 11:49 am

Me too! Although, our area is getting kind of ‘shady’ so we may have to make a local move sometime.

Tammy May 15, 2011 - 10:15 am

Having moved internationally I can commiserate with you! Even though we could take all our possessions (just from Canada to the US) – still culture here is very different (amazing how much different considering the proximity of the two countries) – we’ve moved once more since – and might again someday but Movers are always hired, I could not do it on my own! Too much work!

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