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5 Essential Car Options You Really Need to Have on Your Next Vehicle

by TerriAnn
Five Car Options / Auto Options That Aren't Really Optional

When buying a car, many decide against getting additional features to keep costs down. However, some of these car options are completely worth it and you’ll be glad if opt to have them. These will definitely be in our next car!

5 Essential Car Options

  1. Built-In Bluetooth
    No matter what anyone says, Bluetooth built into the sound system is fantastic! Pairing is a breeze with easy selection of different devices and it allows you to actually be handsfree. What really shines is the call quality. Voice calls are crystal clear and you only need to speak at a normal volume. We’ve tested other stand-alone handsfree kits but those are wimpy quick-fixes in comparison.
  2. Dual Climate Control
    If you often have two people in the car, especially with one male and one female, Dual Climate Control can keep the peace in your relationship. No more freezing one person while the other one melts. Both can enjoy their preferred temperature and will be in a much better mood during any road trip.
  3. Lumbar Support
    Your back will love you. Without, it will hate you. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Backup Camera
    I originally thought having a Backup Camera was kind of silly. However, it’s extremely useful in avoiding poles, islands, kids, and small people. The higher back area in most SUVs and Crossover vehicles greatly obstructs one’s view behind them, making it quite dangerous. The camera’s color-coded areas also help you park better and stop 3-point turns from becoming 12-point turns…
  5. Blind-Spot Monitoring
    This feature is a bit newer but one that deserves to come on all cars as a standard safety feature. You can see an example of Blind-Spot Monitoring in action on my 2013 Mazda3 review. Looking for that subtle indicator on your side mirror becomes a natural habit and is just one extra step in keeping your family, and that of others, safe.

What other car options have you regretted not getting in the past?

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