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Walgreens Prescription Savings Club – Savings For Families, Including Pets #rxsavingsclub

by TerriAnn

Having pets is expensive and, aside from paying monthly bills for pet insurance, there aren’t many options to lessen the cost of medical care for my dog. At least that’s what I thought before I found out Walgreens could help me save on her prescription medication!

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Family Pet

The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is a program your whole family can benefit from, even the four-legged ones. The family membership costs $35 a year and covers your spouse as well as dependents under 23 years old and pets. Pets? Yes, as long as the medication has a human equivalent (which many prescriptions for cats and dogs do) it qualifies for the discounted Savings Club rate. According to the FAQ, you can also enroll your pet as an individual which would be a $20 annual fee instead.

Here’s a little summary of how my experience went in signing up (see Google+ photo album):

After I checked online for any specials and loaded the Walgreens app onto my iPhone, I headed out to the store. I went to a different Walgreens than I usually do so I had to rely on the overhead signs to find the right aisle. The hair gel my husband uses was on sale as a Bonus Buy, so I grabbed a few of those. By the way, Bonus Buys are only listed in the online ad and in the app so make sure to check those! Next I headed to the pharmacy, which was quite easy to find with the large banners hanging in the back corner.

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Family PetWalgreens Prescription Savings Club Family Pet

I felt a little silly asking to sign up for the savings club that included pets. Fortunately, the pharmacist that helped me knew exactly what I was talking about. There was no paperwork to fill out as the pharmacist did that for me. I told her all the information she needed to create my account, including my dog’s name. This took about 5-7 minutes. I was then asked to confirm that I was not using government insurance like Medicare or Medical. I paid the $35 (plus about $3 tax) and my membership was complete. Physical cards will later arrive in the mail. This was so fast and easy that I had time to get a couple more items at the store before I checked out.

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Family PetWalgreens Prescription Savings Club Family Pet

I’m looking forward to how much the program will save us. Speckles hasn’t really had that many problems so far but, for the medication we have had to get for her, this program could have saved us quite a bit. This is what we paid for a couple of prescriptions and how much it would have cost through the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club:

  • NeoPolyDex Ointment – for eye irritation/infection
    We paid :$23
    Walgreens Club Cost: $10
    Savings: $13
  • Tramadol – pain reliever for sore leg
    We paid: $17.35 ($9.80 + $7.55 dispensing fee)
    Walgreens Club Cost: $15
    Savings: $2.35

Though the above examples are not that drastic, these small amounts can add up real quickly. Even for ourselves, we can now compare the price we would pay through our private insurance for specific medications with that of the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club and choose the lesser option. I also like the fact that, if your savings are less than the price you paid for membership, Walgreens will refund you the difference. Really there’s nothing to lose in signing up but quite a bit to save.

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell July 16, 2012 - 6:17 am

I have the one for humans and it has saved me tons of money, so I can see how that would be great for you too. However, I don’t want Speckles to need Rx’s!

TerriAnn July 19, 2012 - 6:53 am

Thank you 🙂 I’m glad it has saved you a bunch. We get our own meds through our insurance but I wonder sometimes if that really ‘saves’ when I see our monthly premium…

Felicia July 16, 2012 - 6:36 am

Ok, that is pretty amazing! I had no idea they would cover pets!!! I have to tell my mom.

TerriAnn July 19, 2012 - 6:54 am

I know – pretty cool, right? The pharmacist asked, “What’s your pet’s name? Is their last name the same as yours?” That made me giggle inside 😛

Brandi July 16, 2012 - 6:48 am

Great post! You are right, the little bit does add up over time. In our family, every savings counts!

TerriAnn July 19, 2012 - 6:55 am

Completely! Pets are super expensive too so this helps offset those costs.

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