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Mini-Grill Off: Who Makes A Better Steak? #Steakover

by TerriAnn
Walmart USDA Choice Beef Steak Grill-Off

Walmart USDA Choice Premium Steaks Review & Grill-Off, Partnered Post…

The warmer spring weather means that barbecue time is upon us. What better way to celebrate than to hold a mini grill off! That’s just what my husband and I did with a couple of steaks from Walmart. Walmart? Really? Yes, sir/ma’am. Walmart now carries USDA Choice Premium Steaks, where only one in five steaks make the cut (pun totally intended). The challenge begins!

Now, there was a little snag in our grill-off. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized we had bought the USDA steak instead of the USDA Choice Premium Steak. Our results were good so just imagine how much better they would have been if we got the top of the line steaks 🙂

For our grill-off, I used two Ribeye steaks. I trimmed the extra fat off (there wasn’t very much though) and poured a bit of olive oil on both. One steak was given a classic dusting of plain salt and pepper. The other was covered in a mix of onion powder, garlic powder, Montreal Steak seasoning, and crushed rosemary.

Walmart USDA Choice Beef Steaks Grill-OffWalmart USDA Choice Beef Steaks Grill-Off

I claimed the more seasoned cut. After searing it on the stove for three minutes on each side, I let it broil in the oven for five minutes on each side. My husband used the salted and peppered steak and threw it on the grill after it was heated well. He let it cook for five minutes on one side and seven on the other.

Walmart USDA Choice Beef Steaks Grill-Off

Both steaks were allowed to rest for about 7-10 minutes before we cut the open. My husband and I were both aiming for medium and, well, neither of us met that. Mine was too raw and my husband’s was overdone. My poor daughter failed us both. Ultimately, the plain salt and pepper one on the grill would have been the winner minus two minutes cooking time.

Now, despite our sorry steak cooking skills, we were able to prove one important point – steaks from Walmart are of good quality. I say that because the meat itself was of a good consistency, had a full flavor, was juicy, and the fat mostly melted away. My husband said, “I can’t believe I’m eating a steak from Walmart!”

Walmart USDA Choice Beef Steaks Grill-Off

Intrigued by the fact that you can buy quality steak at Walmart for a reasonable price? Not fully convinced? Well, then, you need to hop on over to your local Walmart and try it out for yourself! If you live in Houston, Indianapolis, or Los Angeles, you might also want to attend an official Walmart Steak-Over Challenge.

Local firefighters from eight different cities will compete in the Walmart Steak-Over Challenge presented by Kingsford® Charcoal, Dr. Pepper® and A.1.® steak sauce to determine who has the best steak-grilling chops in town.

Walmart shoppers in each city will get a front row seat to the event, which will take place in the parking lot of their local Walmart store. Shoppers who attend will have the chance to join in the festivities, taste test Walmart USDA Choice Premium steaks, sample Dr. Pepper and A.1. steak sauce for free, and cast their vote for best steak.

The firefighter finalist from each city will compete on behalf of their station for a $20,000 grand prize in Los Angeles, the week of May 20.

There are only two competitions left before the big grill off where one winner will be chosen. Here are the remaining dates you’ll want to keep in mind in case you’d like to attend:

  • Houston, Texas: May 4
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: May 11
  • Los Angeles, California: Week of May 20

What cut will you be grilling this summer?

Are you ready to experience Walmart’s Steak-Over for yourself? Find out why you should choose your steaks at Walmart here. We shared our winning grilling tip – now tell us yours!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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