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What’s In A Name?

by TerriAnn

Cookies & Clog NametagSo, what’s in a name? A whole lot actually. A name can define who you are, the reputation you carry, and so much more. The same is true when creating an online presence, which is why the term ‘branding’ has been floating more often these days. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a name:

1. Think of your focus.

What will you write about? What is your angle or in what tone is your voice? Who is your target audience? If you choose a name that is catchy and has a ‘story’ you will always have an ice-breaking topic to talk about. It is a good idea to have a niche but if your blog name is too specific you may feel a bit stuck in the future if you ever feel like writing about something else.

2. Keep consistant.

Try to use the same colors, fonts, and graphics in everything. You don’t have to get all fancy but you should keep all your designs, business cards, etc. somewhat the same. Any standard design software is good enough to get your basic style down. If you are completely useless in that department, find someone knowledgable of Adobe graphic design or something similar to create the ‘brand’ you will be growing.

3. Simpler is better.

The less ‘stuff’ you have the better. Simple, bold logos are more striking and recognizable. It will also be easier to integrate into your multimedia design for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages.

The last, and the most important, factor is that you like it. I am quite fond of ‘Cookies & Clogs’. It allows me freedom of topics and is related to the family so close to my heart. The other nickname I use is made up of my initials so it’s kind of boring. What blog name or online nick do you use? Why?

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blueviolet September 23, 2011 - 8:47 am

So when you started your blog, was it strictly personal or did you do PR from the get go as well?

Cookies & Clogs September 23, 2011 - 11:36 am

I would say that I started with PR in mind as I had a goal of making $5/mo. 😛 I can imagine how starting off as strictly personal may make it difficult to change but that portion can always be placed under the ‘umbrella’ of a new brand meant for PR.

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