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Where Do I Sign Up?

by TerriAnn

I never say that when kids come by to sell stuff. We live one block away from both a high school and an elementary school so we see our share of young ones at our door. There are two main reasons why my knee-jerk reaction is ‘no’.

  1. I don’t need more magazine/newspaper subscriptions.
  2. The kids themselves seem disinterested.

Not that I blame them. Maybe the prizes just aren’t very interesting or they have to sell a ton of items to just get a pencil or balloon. That’s a lot to ask, especially if the items they are selling are totally useless. From the school side, when fundraising events flop schools are less likely to want to invest in future ones. I was pleased to find that Big Event Fundraising addresses all these issues, and does it very well I might add.

Kids these days are pretty spoiled so the prizes need to be something they actually want or would look forward to. Then they have a goal they personally want to work toward. Have you seen the prize programs they offer? My daughter would love those! Plus, I would totally help her sell stuff if she could get something cool like an electric scooter or attending a water slide party.

Especially in this economy though, the products need to be worthwhile as well. Unless your 10-year-old is an aspiring salesman, most will not stand in line for a $3 candy bar. When I was looking through the product brochure selection, I began making a mental ‘wish list’. Is it so wrong that I absolutely adore these ‘cow’ corn-on-the-cob holders?

The items range from clothing to discount cards to cookie dough to electronics. Plus, your children only have to sell a  few things to ‘earn’ something pretty nice. Hey, I think selling only five things to get up-close reptile encounter sounds pretty good!

Of course, the benefits of using a good fundraising program can be felt all around. Enthusiastic children sell more and therefore raise more money for the school or other cause. These pictures (click for testimonials) show why PTAs across the nations are switching fundraising programs:

Hmm, now I’m wishing my daughter went to public school just so she could participate in this! I wonder if I can organize something for local homeschooling families. Would you and your child participate if the prizes and products were like these?

Disclosure: I was compensated to facilitate this review, which contains 100% my honest opinion.

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Emily @ Baby Dickey April 4, 2011 - 12:45 pm

That’s such an awesome program/company… I want to bookmark them and remember when my son is finally in school!! Also – I wish my knee-jerk reaction was no… I have such a hard time saying that! I just bought a ticket to a pancake breakfast that I can’t even go to, hahaha.

Cookies & Clogs April 4, 2011 - 12:52 pm

Are you serious?! You are just too sweet and I’m too stingy 😛

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