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How Keeping Focused on Bare Necessities Helps Our Family Thrive

by TerriAnn
Cookies & Clogs | Movies | Parenting | Inspired by the Bare Necessities song from The Jungle Book, I thought about how focusing on the most important things in life has helped my family grow closer together. See how living simply and spending time together strengthens our family bonds.

After watching The Jungle Book, Frans keeps going through the house humming and singing “The Bare Necessities.” The version used in the movie is especially catchy and is performed by Bill Murray and Kermit Ruffins. If the song is not already stuck in your head, watch this video clip.

Not only is the tune upbeat and fun, but the lyrics can be quite meaningful. The idea of focusing on bare necessities helps keep stress to a minimum and aids in keeping priorities straight. You can really keep the important things in life in the forefront. This mentality is a large part of what has helped our family to keep strong over the years. We’ve had a great number of trials that stretched us very thin. Still, we continue to come out with even stronger family bonds.

Bare Necessities of Strong Family Bonds

So what are the bare necessities for us? Mostly, it’s about spending quality time with each other and with our daughter. We made a concentrated effort over the years to do things as a family. After all, once time passes, you can’t get it back. And kids grow oh so fast. That’s why we try to spend as much time together as possible and actually enjoy it!

Of course, Frans and I have to work to cover our living expenses. Yet, we try not to be too concerned about materials things and live simple lives. We want our daughter to remember, not the things she had, but the experiences and memories we gave her. These range from family game nights to visiting National Parks to epic play dates with friends to impromptu snack runs. Our time together means so much to our daughter and to us.

What bare necessities help to strengthen your family bonds?

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