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Huawei Honor 8 Unlocked Smartphone, Exclusive Color Only at Best Buy

by TerriAnn
Cookies & Clogs | Technology | The Huawei Honor 8 unlocked smartphone will be available in-store and online at Best Buy in an exclusive color, Sapphire Blue. See some of the features and the discount listed in the post.

The other day, we toured a couple of friends around San Francisco. They were in town for two days to attend a tech event. It turns out that the event they went to was for the unveiling of a new smartphone. It just happened to be the very one I was going tell you about! The new Huawei Honor 8 is a fully-loaded unlocked smartphone that is coming soon. Best Buy will be carrying the store-exclusive Sapphire Blue color both online and in-store. The Honor 8 will also come in Pearl White or Midnight Black. The blue is mighty pretty though…

Huawei Honor 8 Unlocked Smartphone — Unlocked Benefits

So what’s the deal with the Honor 8 being unlocked? This provides a ton of freedom for mobile users. You can easily use any mobile carrier and switch plans whenever you want to. No more being stuck in fine-print riddled contracts! If you plan on traveling internationally, it’s so much easier having an unlocked phone. That way you can use a SIM card and short-term plan in the country you’re visiting for less money and better reception. Find out more about unlocked phones here.

Not being bound by a two-year contract, you can also enjoy the latest technology as soon as it comes out. The Huawei Honor 8 is packed with drool-worthy features. It promises a long-lasting battery and fast-charging that can give you 47% in only 30 minutes. How nice is that when you find out too late that you only have 1% of battery left and only have a short while to charge up?!

Huawei Honor 8 Unlocked Smartphone — Camera & Other Features

The Honor 8 also has 12MP dual lenses. I saw this in action when our friends were testing it out. I loved that you could switch the focus point by just moving your finger across the screen. The colors and resolution looked fantastic as well. Since we were only together for a few hours, I didn’t get to see how the cameras performed at night. The Honor 8 is supposed to take great pictures even in low light. The wide aperture gives you a Bokeh effect, similar to that of a DSLR camera.


A few other features include a 3D fingerprint Sensor, an 8MP wide-angle front-facing camera, and heavy-duty glass exterior both back and front. I can’t wait to check one out for myself! I should have taken advantage of playing with our friend’s phone while I could. The only thing I did was pose with the Honor 8 in the image above (thanks for letting me use that photo, James of ManTripping.com). Alas, I was too much in “tour guide” mode at the time to even think about it.

Oh, there’s a great deal on the Huawei Honor 8 right now! Get a free $50 Best Buy Gift Card when you purchase the Huawei Honor 8 unlocked smartphone at Best Buy. That brings this brand spankin’ smartphone to only $349 with no strings attached. I’m not sure how long this special will last so get your pre-order in by tomorrow or pick yours up as soon as possible when it’s out to get the gift card.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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