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Jabra Clipper – Bluetooth Goodness On-the-Go

by TerriAnn

Don’t you hate it when your headphones are on, they’re connected to your phone or music player, then you turn or move and they pop out? Err…so irritating! I tried a wireless over-the-ear Bluetooth headset but that didn’t fit right with my glasses on. Recently, I found a headset that has the benefits of being wired and wireless at the same time. Now I can move all I want and not worry about any wires popping out when using the JABRA Clipper, while still having a comfortable fit.

Jabra Clipper wireless bluetooth headset / headphones for music and calls

The JABRA Clipper is small device which ‘clips’ on and connects to your iPhone and iPod Touch via Bluetooth. It comes in black, orange, pink, white, and blue and has a smooth rubber surface. I liked how small and sleek it was, much nicer than other bulky Bluetooth devices. A set of color-coordinated headphones are included with the Clipper to be plugged in and worn behind the head. This lessens the amount of wire hanging in front of you while doing whatever you need to do. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with my glasses! A mini USB charger comes with it as well.

There’s also the capability of taking calls. I had NO idea where the microphone was but, after talking to myself like a nut, I finally figured out that it’s somewhere on the device itself. I still couldn’t see it but it’s definitely there. This also means you’re free to use another set of headphones if you so choose and still benefit from the phone features. Any phone calls will interrupt the music so you won’t miss an important call even if you’re seriously grooving to your tunes.

The set was comfortable to wear and easy to use. I could even just have the headphone in one ear so I could still hear my daughter NOT getting into trouble with the other ear. The clip has a tight grip – this proved to be both a good and bad thing.  It fit snugly on whatever I slipped it onto and I didn’t worry that it was going to fall off. However, it was challenging to put on and the collar of my t-shirt kept getting all stretched out. It also hung a bit oddly since, even though it’s very lightweight, it was still more than the thin cotton shirt could handle. When using the Clipper, it would be best to attach it to heavier material that won’t get out of shape very easily. This would be especially true if you planned to use it while doing something that required a lot of movement, such as working out at the gym or doing some cardio exercise.

Sound quality was clear and the Bluetooth signal was strong enough to keep my phone at a comfortable distance away from the device (should be up to 33ft). There were some drops every now and then but it was unrelated to where my phone was. There are only three buttons, two of which control the volume, so it’s pretty easy to operate. The most confusing part is knowing how long to hold the main all-in-one button down to pair it with other devices later on.You have to hold it so many seconds to go on, so many to go off, wait for it to blink blue, check if it turned red, etc. It’d be good to have the instructions somewhere you can easily refer to them or bookmark them on the JABRA Clipper page.

While I wouldn’t suggest using the Clipper for just milling around the house, it is a solid option for when you’re out and about and would like the freedom this mobile accessory can provide.


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